Dating With Cerebral Palsy 

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"How can I find someone to go on a date with?"

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10. feb.. 2021





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Amy Manley
Amy Manley Dag siden
You are such a great sister and your brother is going to make someone very happy with his great attitude and cool haircut.
Fran Bloksberg
Fran Bloksberg 2 dager siden
Sheena, you are the bomb!
Joshua Buchanan
Joshua Buchanan 7 dager siden
anybody that looks at you weird just because you have a disability is super small minded and I hate when people do that
Oliver Olson
Oliver Olson 8 dager siden
Sean is awesome! Hope he finds that lucky lady. Also that mullet is kickass!!!
The Art School Rejects
The Art School Rejects 14 dager siden
Why is this making me cry? I’m a grown man! Football, Karate, throat punches....need to think. Masculine...thoughts
Sheena Brevig
Sheena Brevig 11 dager siden
Haha, it's BECAUSE you're a man that it's making you cry! Real men feel their feelings and own them, that's actually extremely important. So I hope you're proud and set that example for young men out there! We need more role models like you who can show the range of what it means to be a real man!! And thank you for the encouragement and support towards us!
The Art School Rejects
The Art School Rejects 14 dager siden
You got this, Sean! Also hug and Kiss your sister for me!
Budleee Bazz
Budleee Bazz 14 dager siden
He needs to be on Tik Tok, just saying
Cat's Meow
Cat's Meow 15 dager siden
Cool hair, cool style, cool art, and cool sister, too! Here's to finding your tandem treadmill partner
Erika Montes
Erika Montes 15 dager siden
i have CP, i don’t know about dating someone who has *neuro-typical* disability. if i’m in a relationship with someone with a disability, i would be embarrassed if people are looking at us
tracie lau
tracie lau 17 dager siden
Good luck, Sean! I’m rooting for you!!
t12345642 18 dager siden
Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how fire his haircut is🔥
Kat Welsh
Kat Welsh 19 dager siden
This is probably the best buzzfeed video I’ve ever watched
Sheena Brevig
Sheena Brevig 11 dager siden
This is so sweet! Thank you!!
Hear ye hear ye unhand thy currency
This vid needs more views fr fr.
TheAbbz365 19 dager siden
I have cerebral palsy and this is awesome. You go sean!
Jay's World
Jay's World 20 dager siden
I don’t know about y’all but the phrase “high functioning” has been to explained to me as a derogatory term because the only reason that label is there is because it is relating a persons functioning level to the amount of work they can do under capitalism
Dakota Owens
Dakota Owens 17 dager siden
I don’t really feel that way, I have partial cerebral palsy and I’m technically high functioning which basically means I can walk, move things and do things many with what I have can’t.
zhao ren
zhao ren 20 dager siden
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Caroline Milyard
Caroline Milyard 20 dager siden
Um, I am married and way too old but I love him!
Lyzandra Ortega
Lyzandra Ortega 20 dager siden
Buzzfeed really died DIDNT it
bruh money
bruh money 20 dager siden
i dont get it why cant he move
Anna Joel
Anna Joel 20 dager siden
I have very mild CP. the only thing it effects is my gait and speech. My whole life people made snap decisions about my mental ability based on my physical difficulties and it sucks. I’m on tinder but when guys want to meet up I don’t want to because I’m afraid for them to see me. I had it in my bio for a while but I got too freaked out. Thanks for the video it was really cool.
chev lair
chev lair 20 dager siden
Verrrry sweet and caring of the sister to set the date for her brother ❤️
L34K5 20 dager siden
K McD 20 dager siden
I have been working with neurodiverse individuals with wide range of abilities for years. We need more videos and individuals like you guys to spread this message of love, acceptance, and embracing neurodiversity. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
K McD 3 dager siden
​@Sheena Brevig Thank you for your kind words - it really is a privilege and an honor to work with such beautiful and amazing people. It is my hope that within my lifetime that everyone will see what we see :)
Sheena Brevig
Sheena Brevig 11 dager siden
Thank you for all the work you're doing! Hopefully we can continue to break down stigma together! :)
ductapeplanet 20 dager siden
Facebook dating. Is how I trying. Tell them in intelligently disabled upfront.
Chris Robot
Chris Robot 20 dager siden
His hair is cool
ght33 20 dager siden
Hmmm I’m torn... my partner has CP, we are constantly battling ableism. Is this video cute or disability porno? I’m serious, Yes, or course it’s cute. Matching disabilities on a dating app and showing it on a video as a cute thing is also Disability Porno. This was a sister helping her brother finding a date. The fact that he is disabled is actually irrelevant. Why wouldn’t he date? Why does his disability make it cute? It doesn’t. A sister helping her brother could be cute. If you understand the phrase White Privilege then please understand the phrase Able Privilege.
ght33 20 dager siden
@Strafer66 you hope he finds a date because he has CP? Or because he is a man. If it’s the latter it is not much of a story and that’s what it should be.
Strafer66 20 dager siden
Dude is sly. Taking advantage of his sisters access to this huge platform to try and get laid. In turn, Buzzfeed gets the views for a “cute” video. Win win! Sure the disability is irrelevant in some ways. Big whoop.... again, it’s buzzfeed. Hope his plan works 😁
macphisto45 20 dager siden
I feel the same. I sent this to my wife with CP. She agrees completely with what you have said. The Cerebral Palsy shouldnt be the focus here. It's a sister getting her brother a date. That's it. Why should disability matter here. Yes awareness and understanding is going to always be something I promote but I don't feel that this is the right way to go about it.
phoenixjim0527 20 dager siden
Sean and Sheena, thank you for teaching me about cerebral palsy.
phoenixjim0527 20 dager siden
🤩 Sheena’s personality is effervescent (On top of that she is perfectly comfortable on-camera. I bet she works in the field.) 🤩
phoenixjim0527 20 dager siden
4:58 My eyes teared up seeing their expressions upon meeting.
Rachel Thompson
Rachel Thompson 20 dager siden
Ok but Sean is cool af! That hair and his style!! I’m sure he will find someone! All his date ideas I was like “OH YES PLEASE!” 🤣
Master Lex
Master Lex 20 dager siden
wheres the worlds ok-est mom bring her back!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 21 dag siden
Hi! As a woman with hemiparesis cerebral palsy, dating is really hard! Thanks for being so supportive of your brother!
Zach Crawford
Zach Crawford 21 dag siden
Sister:So, what kind of stuff would you want to do, if you got a girlfriend? Me:uh lol.
Katie Ebrecht
Katie Ebrecht 21 dag siden
Why do you buzz feed mistreat your workers??
Andrewdr4life 21 dag siden
Omg, this dude has been through so much and still has such positive energy. Universe!!! I demand you find this man love....ASAP!!!
Lisa Tran
Lisa Tran 21 dag siden
Good. I wait for love from you 🍒😃
Grace Nakatsukasa
Grace Nakatsukasa 21 dag siden
Please please someone who watches this. Please create a dating site for individuals with disabilities!
Nia Morgan
Nia Morgan 21 dag siden
As a woman with CP, I relate.
Amelia Garcia
Amelia Garcia 21 dag siden
I have cerebral palsy and this video really resonated with me. I've always had a difficult not time not only with dating but making real friends since I was always bullied growing up by the people who i thought were my friends so I have a really hard time trusting people.
RØØVANE Levin 21 dag siden
‘Sheena (she/her)’ don’t know whether to laugh or cry
P H 21 dag siden
Best sis
Jay Bug
Jay Bug 21 dag siden
This was so cute!!! Such a sweet thing to do for your sibling. I hope Sean finds love ❤️
Susan May
Susan May 21 dag siden
Aww. I love this. Wish I could find a date, so hard though even when I don't have cerebral palsy.
Laura Moonan
Laura Moonan 21 dag siden
Hey, my sister has CP and is wanting to date as well. She's currently in law school and trying to help others with disability rights and activism. Please reply if you'd like to virtually meet her or make this a top comment so others can see it! Her name is Joy and she's truly the biggest joy in my life. I know she's perfect for the right person out there.
Sheena Brevig
Sheena Brevig 11 dager siden
Yesssss other siblings trying to set their siblings up!! Haha! That's amazing she's in law school and helping others in her community! Go her. Hope she finds someone to treat her as well as she deserves
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 21 dag siden
Does Sean meet with someone to help him in life. I meet with a life aid a person who just helps me navigate the world with my learning disabilities. They were always so knowledgeable on dating and where I could look when I was looking. There is a glass slipper for everyone and Sean will find the right sight for him. Also plenty of mainstream dating sites accommodate disabilities.
Leslie Obando
Leslie Obando 20 dager siden
Hi Rachel. Could you give more details on how you found your life aid? Also could your share the name of those apps for dating with disabilities?
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 21 dag siden
He seems like a really great guy! I wish the best for him. He just seems like a rad dude!
Lord123 21 dag siden
Interesting. I hope he finds someone...he is cute.
Jennifer 21 dag siden
Everyone here deserves love. Focus on the personality and attitude you want to be around.
Nacho Chips
Nacho Chips 21 dag siden
You're awesome.
James Matthew
James Matthew 21 dag siden
Congrat to the 1% of people who is reading this you are blessed
Lucky Shot
Lucky Shot 21 dag siden
Tbh, kinda jealous of his haircut
Budleee Bazz
Budleee Bazz 14 dager siden
he has style
Elenita 21 dag siden
Loved this! I wanna see him go on more dates! 💕
Madebyloes 21 dag siden
Omg i love ink man. It’s actually really good art.
Th1sGuy !!
Th1sGuy !! 21 dag siden
Way to gooooo buddy keep moving forward and enjoy life with all the smiles 🤙🏼
Lily Vuong
Lily Vuong 21 dag siden
Isn't Sean just a pip? He's so adorable inside and out! Hope he finds the one! ♥️ There might be communities and organisations at hospitals for CP patients, it's to help both them and their caretaker learn more about the health issue, I highly suggest signing up for one of those events!
Jeric Encarnacion
Jeric Encarnacion 21 dag siden
He talks like a robot be realistic
Angela B
Angela B 21 dag siden
He is so sweet and very handsome. Good luck to him. I hope he finds someone who treats him right.
Leslie Obando
Leslie Obando 21 dag siden
I loved this video. I too am a big sister to someone with cerebral palsey. How old is Sean? I will tell my sister to hit him up in Instagram. We live in Florida so it might be too far for a real date but making like minded friends is always nice. Does anyone know if there is a networking site for special needs out there that does not charge?
Leslie Obando
Leslie Obando 11 dager siden
@Sheena Brevig Hi Sheena. I totally agree. That is the biggest issue, getting taken advantage of. I believe that is why the few networking apps out there for special needs charge. It helps keep the sneaky people out. However I'm sure that it also makes it difficult as most special needs are on limited incomes or dependent on family for extra spending money. Unfortunately when it comes to internet and matters of romance any one is susceptible to be taken advantage. I always tell Suzy, my sister, to remember not everyone always says the truth. That's why its good to talk to someone else (trust worthy, like me or our mom) first before taking any actions or making any decisions. 2 heads are better than one.
Sheena Brevig
Sheena Brevig 11 dager siden
Hi! I hope she reaches out to Sean! We haven't found any sites that seem like there are enough people on it. I always have the fear that Sean will get taken advantage of since he's somewhat vulnerable in that regard. I'm wondering if I need to make this a project of mine to create some kind of site like that...hmmm. Thanks for the sweet comment and lmk if you or your sister come across any sites that are good!
Liz W
Liz W 21 dag siden
I think he made up his mind about her too soon. The date went well so they shouldve dated a few more times and had fun. Maybe if it worked out she wouldve moved near him. He kinda friend zoned her quickly without seeing if it was something worth sticking with. Long distance can and does work out if both ppl want it enough.
Sierra Casteel
Sierra Casteel 20 dager siden
You have to also realize people with disabilities have their own families and communities that often times they don’t want to leave. We also didn’t hear her side of it. Maybe they talked about meeting and she said she didn’t want to move either. There’s a lot of factors that come into play that we can’t judge him on.
Red Face
Red Face 21 dag siden
CP is a fucked in disease. Especially if you don’t have support. I once met a dude with it and it’s progressive was very messed
MC Studios
MC Studios 21 dag siden
Having a disability really does make it difficult to find a date
Chelle Bethel
Chelle Bethel 21 dag siden
This is so heart warming and beautiful. Sean is my brother's name too, but I'm the one with the disabilities. I'm so sad that Melissa lives too far away, she was so sweet. ❤ But, at least they both have a new friend to talk to in this time of isolation! Keep at it you two! Your person is out there, and they are just waiting for you to show up too. 🤗
Melissa T
Melissa T 21 dag siden
Hi, I’m Melissa from the video. Aw! That is too sweet of you. I wish I lived closer to Sean but am glad I made a friend at least!
lyonstv 21 dag siden
Bro is handsome, kind and a business owner; he deserves a great girl.
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson 21 dag siden
He got a lucky and lovely sister I know how he feel I also disabled with Soto syndrome curved spine learning difficulties low muscle tone and more things that hard to spell i am just a 25 year old goth form the United Kingdom it really hard to get a girlfriend for people like us And also I only got 3 brothers
Yummy Food Secrets
Yummy Food Secrets 21 dag siden
Lori A
Lori A 21 dag siden
I'm disabled, use a a wheelchair, and have vocal damage, and omg dating is difficult! I feel your struggles! Best wishes!
Meno Priezvisko
Meno Priezvisko 11 dager siden
People would judge people even with little but foreign accent. Good luck anyway I wish you have found or will find soon your soulmate
MC Studios
MC Studios 21 dag siden
So true
Danny Miles
Danny Miles 21 dag siden
ok king of mullets
Zeta Zimmer
Zeta Zimmer 21 dag siden
Let’s all get together and make a dating site with no photos, you have to actually talk for an hour or so before seeing what eachother look like
Cat's Meow
Cat's Meow 15 dager siden
@Cindy Guerrero Hopefully the folks involved would be open enough to communicate their levels of needs and boundaries, and discuss how those fit in with the gifts and value and love in the relationship
Cindy Guerrero
Cindy Guerrero 16 dager siden
@Zeta Zimmer never said you were??? I was implying that it would cause awkward and hurtful rejections is someone wasn't expecting a disability.
Hear ye hear ye unhand thy currency
It’ll be like the voice, but better.
Zeta Zimmer
Zeta Zimmer 20 dager siden
@Cindy Guerrero well yeah I’m not saying we start a service for arranged marriages
Cindy Guerrero
Cindy Guerrero 20 dager siden
Here's the thing though. What if you're not mentally, physically, or financially capable of caring for someone who's special needs if it ever comes to that? I have family members with special needs and would love to see them have a family. As long as their significant other is capable of caring for them.
Micah 21 dag siden
My faith in humanity has been restored😭❤️
Zeta Zimmer
Zeta Zimmer 21 dag siden
To those that have never tried dating someone with a disability, there are some sleeper hits out there.
Grace Amberg
Grace Amberg 21 dag siden
so handsome and kind! you will find someone great in no time!
Du Riechst So Gut
Du Riechst So Gut 21 dag siden
Him having cerebral palsy shouldn’t make a difference. He’s no less of a man
Harper Vaughan
Harper Vaughan 21 dag siden
It’s the slap for me
Ara C
Ara C 21 dag siden
Sean seems like a wonderful and genuine guy! And you’re such a great sister! Very wholesome video:)
Willy Pierre
Willy Pierre 21 dag siden
Imma definitely have to cop one of those shirts, great work man!!!
EarthCybebe 21 dag siden
Well that was all just dang cute
Black Anthropos
Black Anthropos 21 dag siden
All sizes and people are beautiful until they meet someone with a disability
Jazzhandzz 21 dag siden
He's too cute, I wish him luck in his journey of finding love!! ♥️☺️
Tavis Floyd
Tavis Floyd 21 dag siden
Literally, the best sister any brother could ask for😊
khushi keswani
khushi keswani 21 dag siden
Just want to let u know that I am not hating but I didn’t see him blink once in the vid
Kevin Zhu
Kevin Zhu 21 dag siden
I have cerebral palsy and a sister too. would love to make a video about my story. Please make this top comment.
Kevin Zhu
Kevin Zhu 19 dager siden
Unfortunately this happens very often. People who don’t understand what cerebral palsy is tend to be afraid to get to know the person because it’s unfamiliar to them.
Whispers Keep
Whispers Keep 21 dag siden
I have a client who has cerebral palsy, in a wheelchair. He has not been able to find anyone to date in peraon, only online who end up taking advantage of him
Katie Beth
Katie Beth 21 dag siden
he's such a cool person!! i know he will find the one for him one day!
Janice Rafael
Janice Rafael 21 dag siden
Such a great pair of siblings - you both seems so nice. Good luck in your search. ❤️
Neil M
Neil M 21 dag siden
This makes my heart happy
Amanda Perez
Amanda Perez 21 dag siden
He’s handsome and seems very sweet. Idk who would not want to be with him.
Mix In The City
Mix In The City 19 dager siden
@Amanda Perez because you aren’t being truthful
Amanda Perez
Amanda Perez 19 dager siden
@Mix In The City Ditto response to u as well and don’t act like men aren’t superficial at all. I give a compliment and u 2 have to turn it into a negative.
Amanda Perez
Amanda Perez 19 dager siden
@Junior Bunior I have a boyfriend already that’s why. I’m sorry you clearly have a negative outlook on life when someone is trying to give a compliment
Mix In The City
Mix In The City 20 dager siden
@Junior Bunior exactly
Mix In The City
Mix In The City 20 dager siden
Females these days are mad superficial so you cappin and you know you cappin. No cap.
JoAnne Weiss
JoAnne Weiss 21 dag siden
What a dynamic, wonderful pair of siblings!!! He's sweet, she's a fantastic sister! Have fun Sean🙌👍😊
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 21 dag siden
This Sean x Melissa Crossover is what I needed. I have officially melted.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 21 dag siden
@Melissa T OMG BIG FAN!
Amelia Foster-Kane
Amelia Foster-Kane 21 dag siden
The tshirts are so cool! I love ink man!!
GatosNoEscuro 21 dag siden
Owwww! He's a cutiepie! ❤️
Fish Are Friends
Fish Are Friends 21 dag siden
His voice isn’t even weird. Or unusual. I just thought he had a foreign accent
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 21 dag siden
Some watch Cheesy Rom-Coms, but this video is the Valentine’s Day Content I need.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 21 dag siden
Fun Fact: Zoom was founded because the founder had a long-distance relationship. So, there’s hope for everyone out there!
Hear ye hear ye unhand thy currency
Wrong! There’s no hope for me.
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 21 dag siden
A sibling who finds a date? Where is this Alternative Dimension and how does one enter it?
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 19 dager siden
@Akansha Singh I will take that as a compliment and continue to do good work 😂 you
Akansha Singh
Akansha Singh 19 dager siden
Ffs you are the radhika apte of youtube 😂😂
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
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