We Mixed Every Valentine’s Day Chocolate Together 

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Inga melted down 18 boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolates (and 49 different flavors!), from Hershey’s to Ferrero Rocher, to Godiva and more... and made it into the ultimate Valentine’s Day Chocolate box. That’s a whole lotta love.
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14. feb.. 2021





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Lone Note
Lone Note 2 dager siden
My spirit animal is back
Pov Meas
Pov Meas 4 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 5 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 5 dager siden
Lauren Winterburn
Lauren Winterburn 7 dager siden
Aw I felt bad when she said she hadn’t gotten chocolate on valentines before ☹️😅
Natalie S
Natalie S 8 dager siden
I winced with the Russell Stowe going in... that chocolate always taste like just sugar to me.
Kristi Valenzuela
Kristi Valenzuela 10 dager siden
Why has she never gotten chocolates on Valentine's Day?!
Asyirah Sofiah Kamal
Asyirah Sofiah Kamal 10 dager siden
I read the title thinking it was Safiya Nygaard but it was actually buzzfeed lmao no surprise there
Dana Malhov
Dana Malhov 10 dager siden
wow this show is like the face of consumerism
Ismat Jerin
Ismat Jerin 11 dager siden
Her wows in the begining reminds me of "WOW MUKBANG".
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 11 dager siden
Patrick Puica
Patrick Puica 11 dager siden
Sarah Weber
Sarah Weber 11 dager siden
Anyone else HATE white chocolate
Sarah Weber
Sarah Weber 11 dager siden
Lowkey safiya wanna be vibes lol no hate but it reminds me of that 💀
chanel derego
chanel derego 12 dager siden
I think someone did a video like this and it was a huge chocolate bar!
I Stan All Kpop
I Stan All Kpop 12 dager siden
Popular opinion: you really want to eat the chocolate
Roberto Penalba
Roberto Penalba 12 dager siden
I don’t know what’s more impressive Inga’s cooking skills or her catching skills.
Fairy_Universe 12 dager siden
Since when DOVE makes chocolate?? I wonder if it taste like soap.
Smilte Laurinaityte
Smilte Laurinaityte 12 dager siden
I love her
Awoke Roses
Awoke Roses 12 dager siden
Whos here sobbing with me anticipating for the day I finally receive something for valentines
Carmen Lin
Carmen Lin 13 dager siden
I love the how Inga is continually experimenting and exploring her abilities and expertise just as different prospects with food that has been neglected previously. I imagine that with her determination and resolution, she generally figures out how to make anything look tempting and adequate that it generally conveys a good finished product. I likewise love the way enthusiastic and passionate Inga consistently appears when she performs one of her recordings and is constantly establish to handle any cooking challenges notwithstanding the trouble and will persist, which is a feature I love about her. She is additionally truly neighborly and honorable and is an easygoing and laid back and quiet individual to be with and in general relatable, so she is a truly agreeable individual to be with and can undoubtedly coexist with and I figure she can mingle and communicate with numerous individuals without any problem. She is consistently open to a test and has a thirst for knowledge. I love her energy for information and tenacity and persistence with the interaction of the test and the majority of all, simply appreciating it too, which completes and encapsulates the state of mind of the video. It is a pleasing and fulfilling process and I love the way she depicts it and conducts herself in these recordings. I trust she achieves more and will try and explore with more challenges.
Thyda Cooking TV
Thyda Cooking TV 13 dager siden
Wow! Cutes chocolates 🍫
Nami Mc
Nami Mc 13 dager siden
When she said she never received a valentines chocolate box :c
Fariha 13 dager siden
Ew Hershey's tastes disgusting,i don't understand why Americans love them :\
Lavanya 13 dager siden
That big kiss looked like dog poop 🤣
Weeb Psycho
Weeb Psycho 14 dager siden
Me:single with no chcoolate or gifts just drinking milk
Elton Moy
Elton Moy 14 dager siden
19383999186476th time where Buzzfeed tries to be like Safiya again.
Nikisha Smith
Nikisha Smith 14 dager siden
How to say you're single without saying you're single- Inga: "I don't think I've ever received Valentine's day chocolates before on Valentine's day."
Chris Ghattas
Chris Ghattas 14 dager siden
I’m shaking from the amount of diabetes before my eyes
stefoehmen 14 dager siden
i wouldn't have included the reeses/hersheys/kit kats... so not valentine... just the fancy ones :-p
Adria Gupta
Adria Gupta 14 dager siden
This video was private for 3days
Neesha Pandita
Neesha Pandita 14 dager siden
So, it’s basically safiya nygard video😆
Zoe Grabowski
Zoe Grabowski 14 dager siden
The fact that Safiya didn’t think of this first
Yukti Joshi
Yukti Joshi 14 dager siden
idk if tempering is actually very hard or if ba made me feel like it was impossible to do. Inga really did that with those textured chocolates (T__T)
rielandrianus 14 dager siden
Do You Feel The Love 😂😂😂
Pee Bowl
Pee Bowl 14 dager siden
why to
suchandra riveros ferret
Its like she’s sykkuno’s sister
prima bella
prima bella 14 dager siden
No Cadbury?!?!? o.O
good morning!
good morning! 14 dager siden
As an Australian, hersheys kisses taste like ash :(
ryuuseiu 14 dager siden
Safiya’s mix-a-lot signal is going off
raghad hamza
raghad hamza 14 dager siden
Did she just say she never received Valentine chocolate? Shes so pretty 😍 🤧 😔
Avy Albert
Avy Albert 14 dager siden
she is sooo pretty and nice!🤩 her and alvin are really good together.
Berry Wolfe
Berry Wolfe 14 dager siden
they *totally* didn't rip this idea off Kelsey...
Debdyuti Chakraborty
Debdyuti Chakraborty 14 dager siden
Is this a Safiya Nygaard video? did you call it a Franken Chocolate too? XD XD XD
Nguyen Uyen
Nguyen Uyen 14 dager siden
I suggest mixing every type of cheeses and making mac 'n cheese
Mara Nostas
Mara Nostas 15 dager siden
you should mix every kind of ice-cream and see what happens and if it taste good
Arem Dan
Arem Dan 15 dager siden
If only if they were from Alvin. Sorry I'm a shipper
הבל עבדיה-יצחק
so satisfying though
LydeBird Jade
LydeBird Jade 15 dager siden
Lindor Heart Chocolate? :]
Joe River
Joe River 15 dager siden
That's a great idea yans.
Sree Prabha Nair
Sree Prabha Nair 15 dager siden
Kudos to her having the restraint to not pop one of those chocolates in her mouth, I wud have eaten a bite of all of them for sure!
De Maanboom
De Maanboom 15 dager siden
Fun fact. I discovered this week that the street I live in housed the first atelier of the founder of Godiva.
gummy bear
gummy bear 15 dager siden
i want chocolate now
Eaj Ackerman 28
Eaj Ackerman 28 15 dager siden
Inga is such a cutieee 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I am happy seeing you in a Buzzfeed content I thought you left the channel with Alvin and Andrew 🥺
Yoonxkxth._ edits
Yoonxkxth._ edits 15 dager siden
Not me drooling over all these chocolates 🙃 pls share some 🥺
Dip Baishnab
Dip Baishnab 15 dager siden
And how much is the final chocolate box??
Ansh Bomb
Ansh Bomb 15 dager siden
reminds me of safiya nygaard. where you at queen?
Gustavo Woltmann
Gustavo Woltmann 15 dager siden
well this is so interesting, and btw Happy Valentine everyone !
Abdirahman Omar
Abdirahman Omar 15 dager siden
Half of the video was him throwing chocolate in air
shabiha saiyara
shabiha saiyara 15 dager siden
5:43 thats for single peoples :D
Weird af
Weird af 15 dager siden
Fun fact: my mom was born on valentines day:-)
Playana Kobi
Playana Kobi 15 dager siden
9:10 sounds like someone got friendzoned
Harlet Balagot
Harlet Balagot 15 dager siden
The laugh😍🤩
Tazeen Al Shifa
Tazeen Al Shifa 15 dager siden
Copying Safiya now ? 🥴
shariz lumbao
shariz lumbao 15 dager siden
Miss this kind of segment with inka 💞💞
BakerBea09 15 dager siden
What if this is Ade's way of giving her every valentine chocolate ever? Haha
R K Dag siden
The plot thickens😳😳
Leah McCullough
Leah McCullough 15 dager siden
Dove chocolate? I thought dove was like a brand of bath products lol
Graveyard Landlord
Graveyard Landlord 8 dager siden
It's pretty good actually. I like it more than cadbury
Leah McCullough
Leah McCullough 13 dager siden
@h m oh thanks
h m
h m 14 dager siden
I think it's the US's branding of Galaxy from what I've seen?
Maths S
Maths S 15 dager siden
*"wow"* - Inga
PARI CHAUHAN 15 dager siden
when she says she ain't getting chocolates on valentines GIRL YOU HAWT STOP LYING
Xavier Brown
Xavier Brown 11 dager siden
I reckon even if dont get any you should give some to yourself
J Faustin
J Faustin 15 dager siden
But it be like that sometimes
Floofy Sheep
Floofy Sheep 15 dager siden
hitaishi thakkar
hitaishi thakkar 15 dager siden
Safiya has entered the chat
oI fELIX 10 timer siden
*flashbacks to Franken Makeup*
Hajra Ahsan
Hajra Ahsan 15 dager siden
I was literally like she is chopping the chocolate and not trying even one If I would be there I would have tried every single one lol
Benjamin Hon
Benjamin Hon 15 dager siden
Blck LUXury
Blck LUXury 15 dager siden
Safiya?!??.....oh wait buzz feed
Ramauld Ramharack
Ramauld Ramharack 15 dager siden
Everytime i watch these "i lick my lips".
Amanda Z
Amanda Z 16 dager siden
I’m literally gonna head to the store to get these on sale now😂
sanashi 27
sanashi 27 16 dager siden
So much chocolate... I wish I could taste them all and the combination one.
Avi Saxena
Avi Saxena 16 dager siden
what are your 3 favorite chocolates? mine are twix, cadburys fruit and nut bars and ferro rochers (idl how to spell)
Annas Mohamed
Annas Mohamed 16 dager siden
Inga : I’ve never received any choc on V-day Alvin : Noted.
Yuna McHill
Yuna McHill 16 dager siden
Inga: speaks about not getting any chocolate on Valentine's Day Me: *trying not to cry* Well, that makes two of us... Where's my beautiful girl that gives me chocolate and plushies on this special day?😭 I need to meet her!
Anne Vo
Anne Vo 16 dager siden
Reminds me of when they would throw everything at Claire
Fel Mar
Fel Mar 16 dager siden
"4:53" Well i found a program that generator money It totally changed my life 𝔾𝔼𝕋𝕄𝕆ℕℂ𝔸𝕊ℍ. ℂ𝕃𝕌𝔹 අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක
Eva Smith
Eva Smith 16 dager siden
TheHonorsKid 16 dager siden
I live for these mixing everything together videos!
habiba elbehery
habiba elbehery 16 dager siden
9:33 Elgar-Salut de'Amor? 10:15 40? coincidence? I Think NOT!
Laith 010 Jsja
Laith 010 Jsja 16 dager siden
Fact u want chocolate after watching this
Nana Ama Bedua Mensah
Nana Ama Bedua Mensah 16 dager siden
If you have had Cadbury’s before...you know how that taste feels😋😋
Graveyard Landlord
Graveyard Landlord 8 dager siden
I don't like cadbury at all. Too sweet for me
Just Me
Just Me 16 dager siden
Imagine taking a shot everytime she says chocolate.
Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle 16 dager siden
Finally not private! Lol
kandi 16 dager siden
i have such a huge crush on inga holy crap
Yummy Foods Hub
Yummy Foods Hub 16 dager siden
Awesome one .... fantastic 👍
Zenia Anggriani Widodo
Zenia Anggriani Widodo 16 dager siden
i see inga, i clicked
Mao S
Mao S 16 dager siden
Try mixing all kinds of cheese and make a dish🧀
Dhiren 16 dager siden
The amount of chocolate wasted while piping makes me sad 😞
Cielo Andrei
Cielo Andrei 16 dager siden
Watch "About to Eat"
Zoe Anthony
Zoe Anthony 16 dager siden
Yall i had an allergic reaction to the chocolate my parents gave me lmao rip
Lakshya Bhanot
Lakshya Bhanot 16 dager siden
I love Inga but it DEEPLY hurt me seeing Lindt, Godiva and Ghiradelli being mixed with HERSHEYS
Mill Eudic
Mill Eudic 16 dager siden
As Surgeon, remove cloud on having catharact, in eyem not need glasses. bud@
Mill Eudic
Mill Eudic 16 dager siden
Few girs, have boyfriend surgeon, I know. Don't want be one.
Rupali Bhilware
Rupali Bhilware 16 dager siden
How many chocolate did you ate while filming it... Cause I can't resist myself.. I just want to eat chocolate just by seeing so many chocolate.... 😆
·RICE BEAR· 16 dager siden
Hey buzzfeed i have a question, how did the chocolate not melt when inga was cutting it? Also how did you guys not eat all the chocolate it looks so good!!
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