We Used An Earwax Cleaning Camera For The First Time 

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Earwax is normal!
Buy The Camera Here: amzn.to/3c3lpF8
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23. jan.. 2021





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Hey Yo
Hey Yo Dag siden
Your ear cleaner has more computational power than the Saturn V lunar rocket. What a world! Next up: integrated AI that writes poetry about your vax.
Sara S Ahmad
Sara S Ahmad 2 dager siden
Unfortunately its not available now😭 i checked just now thru the link mention at de description :(
VinnY H
VinnY H 3 dager siden
I have to buy one, holy marco!!!!!! I am going skip dinner tonight.
TheSoulCollector13 6 dager siden
I have one of these. It gets the job done.
TheWeeb 8 dager siden
"shes juice" lmao wtf
Roy Hsieh
Roy Hsieh 10 dager siden
2:10 she almost found her lost tampon there
Slena Ramanazika
Slena Ramanazika 14 dager siden
3:05 i laugh soooo hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Savage Bros
Savage Bros 15 dager siden
The blonde girls ear had that WAP
Lai Tulip
Lai Tulip 16 dager siden
Lai Tulip
Lai Tulip 16 dager siden
VITAL SIGNS 17 dager siden
Same i love anything gross 😎😳😮😔
Gozewijn Goossens
Gozewijn Goossens 18 dager siden
Cottage cheese anyone?
Austin 20 dager siden
most asians have dry, flakey/powdery earwax.
Mr Danger
Mr Danger 22 dager siden
Do a video using this up noses
Abby__ 23 dager siden
I really need this stuff
Kelleytina Williams
Kelleytina Williams 25 dager siden
Same Spenser I love the gross odd videos it’s oddly satisfying. I got this and now I don’t think I have to use it again for another 6 months
The White Knight
The White Knight 26 dager siden
You know you shouldn't do that right? You need wax in your ears and shoving things into them will very likely damage them. You can clean the outside of the ear but you shouldn't do anything to the inside - that is what a doctor should do because they won't damage anything
Nikhil Rudra
Nikhil Rudra 29 dager siden
Antonia Reed
Antonia Reed 29 dager siden
Weirdly, having hearing aids, I've had my hearing aid specialist do a camera on me. My ears, because of my healing aids, tend to have a lot of wax. Now I'm considering buying this so that I can keep my ear canals cleaner than they have been. Thanks?
David Thomas
David Thomas 29 dager siden
The blonde girl kinda reminded me of Adele
Food world
Food world 29 dager siden
Hey people get edicts to this, first of all we need to understand that this gel come out from ears are need by our body work proper, it's get created by body because of some reason, and if we remove all gel from ears uts effect our stand up balance power of human, cleaning ears is good thing but do deep gel removing affect our stability
Jonathan L
Jonathan L Måned siden
motion sickness
no.1 FatCat
no.1 FatCat Måned siden
Ahh no you never put something smaller then a elbow in our ear and if you have a problem with earwax blocking your hearing or anything else go to a docter!
bremenfan29 Måned siden
Depending on how impacted the ear canal is; some need to get their ears cleaned by the ENT docs or an audiologist.
Chicken Inasal
Chicken Inasal Måned siden
Ofc the white girl has the most.
Alexus Chavez
Alexus Chavez Måned siden
Zeus Flores
Zeus Flores Måned siden
Everyone: **add to cart**
Sundance Sunset
Sundance Sunset Måned siden
Ok I'm a little worried about thay blonde girl's??? Like, was that blood??? And why was hers the only one that was slimey 😭😭😭😭😭
SonnyBCreative Måned siden
imirrawashere Måned siden
I want the link to the initial blockage removal -.-
• K A M R Y N •
• K A M R Y N • Måned siden
What if you put that up your cooshie
Sad Coffee
Sad Coffee Måned siden
he makes b-bird sound like bieber
Strvxliva Måned siden
Also hair is there because if there is no hair then you have a straight whole to your system
lynx phoenix
lynx phoenix Måned siden
i think im weird but i also find anything sastisfying
Talal Mahmoud
Talal Mahmoud Måned siden
me looking at this wants me to put it in my hair , eyelashes and eyebrows how gross
Pexf9 Måned siden
Me who's pouring syrup on pancakes while watching 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Miranda A
Miranda A Måned siden
Crankgameplays did it first lol
Sofia Alvarez
Sofia Alvarez Måned siden
We wanna see Dakota's footage!!
Carter Claire
Carter Claire Måned siden
Y’all are nasty as hell you wanna look at earwax on cam instead of qtip
Detman101 Måned siden
OMG thank you soooo much!! I've wanted one of these for the past 10 years!! Never knew where to get one!
Clara Davis
Clara Davis Måned siden
A whole dang slug snake came out of her ear xD
headass steph
headass steph Måned siden
headass steph
headass steph Måned siden
@Eric that’s very interesting, thank you for telling me:)
Eric Måned siden
There's a gene that decides whether your earwax is sticky or dry. In Asia the dry gene is more common, Caucasian people usually have the sticky gene. Curiously it also affects body odor
headass steph
headass steph Måned siden
2:24 ew bestie’s were different colors
Amber Måned siden
Its out of stock:(
Philip Kane
Philip Kane Måned siden
i don't get why people are so grossed out about it. LOL
The Wheeze Beats
The Wheeze Beats Måned siden
"this is the wireless one" The wire: 👁👄👁 edit: I was only kidding i know what wireless means lol ;)
silver Måned siden
I'm gonna buy one.... it just has to be done
Lady Quinn
Lady Quinn Måned siden
mark b
mark b Måned siden
My doctor said the only thing you should stick in your ear is your elbow.
Shmurkz Måned siden
Is is so gross but yet I watched the whole video without skipping 🤮
Caroline Russell
Caroline Russell Måned siden
You really shouldn't be removing wax from your ears unless it's causing a problem... Earwax serves a purpose, and scraping it from your ear canal leaves you vulnerable to infection. That said... I kinda want this. 🙄
Uncle Skully
Uncle Skully Måned siden
Spencer you single ?
Cami Leigh
Cami Leigh Måned siden
Unsubscribed from this channel because no matter how many times I hide this video (and give it a thumbs down), it keeps suggesting it to me. Absolutely disgusting- why would Buzzfeed upload this?!
Michael Yambao
Michael Yambao Måned siden
I love watching Adele clean her ears.
Patrick Hickson
Patrick Hickson Måned siden
Spencers makeup thooo
June 47
June 47 Måned siden
video title : Earwa.. me : CLICK***
Marieke Geelen
Marieke Geelen Måned siden
Other people: ew this is gross Me: casually watching this while eating lunch
AJ Dela Torre
AJ Dela Torre Måned siden
Luckily my ear waxes are actually pretty dry but it hurts its super dry 🥲
Allen Sickle
Allen Sickle Måned siden
That instrument is too dangerous. You cannot see where the eardrum is.
thedreamer024 Måned siden
I got a weird fetish for this kind of stuff, yikes!
Disney Mouse
Disney Mouse Måned siden
It’s disgusting but satisfying
Sahil K
Sahil K Måned siden
the asian girl had pretty clean ears, the thumbnail does no justice to her.
Louis Philip
Louis Philip Måned siden
this week got my favourite sports car with the help of that seek on the web for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Sowaibah Zubair
Sowaibah Zubair Måned siden
So grosss
Brandie Hammond
Brandie Hammond Måned siden
These tools should never been made. These literally can damage the inner walls and can cause hearing loss. Just the pressure alone of u doing so. On top of this you are not supposed to clean your ears so frequently as u need the wax for protection. Drs will tell u DO NOT stick these types of items into your ear not just be very careful 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Ahmed Boucha
Ahmed Boucha Måned siden
Yesterday purchased my dream sports car thanks to this seek out on the web for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Astrolite Måned siden
Spencer is the best! I like the way she is.
Bri-Bri 92
Bri-Bri 92 Måned siden
I wish my ears were this clean💀
Brunno victor
Brunno victor Måned siden
Where can i see the video of that first guy??
Kaybee Måned siden
I bought one of these cameras online because my right ear drum got blocked and I had to go to the ear doctor during the pandemic twice and it cost me almost a hundred dollars a visit. Let me tell ya, this has helped me immensely. I unblocked it myself. But you really gotta know what you’re doing and you gotta be careful.
nice ad
ananisierra81 Måned siden
I want one!
Hershy Ramos
Hershy Ramos Måned siden
Wow this is gross and i actualy trow what i eat 😖but add to cart
Mossfaerie Måned siden
JESUS CHRIST DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF IF YOUR EARDRUM IS TOTALLY BLOCKED. YOUR RISK OF PUNCTURING YOUR EAR DRUM IS WAY TOO FUCKIN HIGH AND NOT WORTH IT. Some of these people got WAY TOO CLOSE to their ear drum. If you can't afford to go to a doctor/don't have coverage to get it done AT LEAST get a syringe and just flush your ears out with a lukewarm saline solution instead to break down the wax (and don't shoot it in directly, do it at a slight angle so it can run against the walls of your inner ear and not go straight down toward the drum). Dr. Paul and several others on youtube have videos on how to do this safely at home on even a small child *if thats your only option*.
Itznat.theweeb Måned siden
Actually, ear wax is only produced when something is put in your ear. That’s why they have ear wax because they kept putting the camera in their ears.
Reese Schmeling
Reese Schmeling Måned siden
I got it and if you go in the bottom just above your lobe theirs some holes or hard bumbs.
TheSaskatoonBerry Måned siden
I have really bad earwax problems, I over-produce wax and it regularly clogs and blocks my eardrum. I have to soak it in hydrogen peroxide and blast it out with the pressure of clean water in a syringe and chunks the size of frozen peas come out. I NEED THIS.
Glen Talibi
Glen Talibi Måned siden
I have one. My ears were super clean. Thank goodness. Great to diagnose a kids ear infection. Its been a lifesaver for the kids.
Yinting Måned siden
This is very dangerous, dealing with an ear is not easy, never do such stuff without your doctor doing it.
Worlds Worst Musician
That doesn't look very safe. I'm still going to order one :)
I actually need it
LofiBeats Måned siden
The real question is: Why are we watching this?
Fahdah A
Fahdah A Måned siden
idk im still confused lmao
AnActualGoddess Måned siden
I have this I also use it to look at pimples really close.
Péter Leskó
Péter Leskó Måned siden
I don't feel well now but this was quite cool. I'm definitely about to throw up.
W L Måned siden
Ofc i’ve seen this all I do is scroll on TickTock 24 /7
EL Gee
EL Gee Måned siden
That's suposed to be there. Dont remove it
HisRealChild Måned siden
I'm one of those weird people who never have ear wax and I don't know why. I still want to try this though.
ᗷIᗩᔕ Måned siden
Imagine someone punching the thing while they have it in the ear
Erkebulan Seiden
Erkebulan Seiden Måned siden
Definitely. It is so weird
Henry Kid
Henry Kid Måned siden
there are other holes to stick this inside and explore
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen Måned siden
are Vietnamese people the only ones regularly cleaning their ears with a tool thingy or am I tripping
CaLem Måned siden
So jealous of asians and their dry earwax!
Noah Boock
Noah Boock Måned siden
I’m eating a gummy vitamin run and it doesn’t feel good
GreenSeven Måned siden
Melis Aktan
Melis Aktan Måned siden
Blonde lady probably uses headphones frequantly and more than she should. Ears produce this liquid to protect themselves. It could lead to permanent hearing loss. Be careful!!!
Fikri Rosle
Fikri Rosle Måned siden
Iam just wondering american dont do this on daily basis???
Yuh Aye
Yuh Aye Måned siden
Never forget the manspreading video buzzfeed did and they got so much backlash they had to turn off the comments
Razurac the Dragon
Razurac the Dragon Måned siden
You really shouldn't use one of those. Its so easy to hurt your ears. If you need to clean em, go see a doctor
Maria Marshall
Maria Marshall Måned siden
I already check my boyfriend's ears and use the like '○--•' pimple popper tool to scrape out anything. I pop any pimples he has too. I do the same for myself.
Thor S.W.
Thor S.W. Måned siden
Yeah might be terrified 😨 if you found something staring at you or moving 😱