Eating A 7-Course Meal At 7-Eleven In Hawaii 

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The definition of balling on a budget
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7 Eleven
Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images
7-Eleven sign seen outside its store in Queens.
SOPA Images/Getty Images
Hong Kong, China in pictures
Alexander Shcherbak/Getty Images
Ube : The Purple Yam
DigiPub/Getty Images
Ube : The Purple Yam
DigiPub/Getty Images
Ube : The Purple Yam
Stephen Ehlers/Getty Images
Still life with jars of Filipino ube halaya (pasalubong)
Exploring California's San Diego County
George Rose/Getty Images



21. feb.. 2021





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Kat B
Kat B 49 minutter siden
bruh course 1 was practically it's own 7 course menu
Kat B
Kat B 51 minutt siden
mainland us is getting cheated. why don't we get this stuff? bruh
Jenna Jones
Jenna Jones Dag siden
It’s Agatha Harkness 😱😱
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Dag siden
IT'S 7 MEALS IN 1 SITTING!!!!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Dag siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Dag siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Dag siden
THIS WAS A BIG MEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristi K
Kristi K Dag siden
This blows my mind because the 7-11 near me is just a gas station lmao
Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan 3 dager siden
I’m put off by spam but I love vegetables and purple yam
S. Nonaka
S. Nonaka 3 dager siden
Also, the 7-11 spam musubi in Hawaii is the top winner on the island. You can’t go anywhere and get something like that for so cheap.
S. Nonaka
S. Nonaka 3 dager siden
People don’t realize that this food is EVERYWHERE in Hawaii’s 7-11. I get pissed off when’ I go up to the mainland and walk in a 7-11. It’s incredibly depressing. 711 food is super cheap regardless. And plenty construction workers eat there too to save money.
Skylar 4 dager siden
Ayo I just learned i've been pronouncing Pho wrong lmao..
Euphie Was Here
Euphie Was Here 4 dager siden
Everyone in Hawaii doesn't have one can of Spam. They at least have 50 cans in the pantry. If they have less than 10, "GOING SHOPPING Y'ALL." Also, the Ubae tarts are the best in my opinion, ate a pack of four in a span of 5 mins ^^
M Lee
M Lee 4 dager siden
I don’t think your that picky about your foods. The food looks pretty nasty.
Geneviève 4 dager siden
“Saving this for when I can eat less attractively” 😂 So going to be using this line! Also....basil, not mint in Pho 🍲😉
Lina Robayo
Lina Robayo 4 dager siden
kodie watada
kodie watada 5 dager siden
Marley 6 dager siden
numberoneappgames 6 dager siden
Rock, Paper, Scissors. Respond with an answer first then look at what I chose. . . . . . . Paper!
sona a
sona a 6 dager siden
She's Agatha from Bretmans channel right?!
Eos+ 6 dager siden
7E Where I live is basically...... Sh*t ...too expensive N there's no such thing as "ready meals" available other than the usual cup noodle and packed coffee tea
Aldrin Peña
Aldrin Peña 7 dager siden
Didn't expect that ensaymada and ube!
Kristen marie Adlawan
Kristen marie Adlawan 7 dager siden
hawaii 7 eleven is so good
micah 7 dager siden
Lmao buzzfeeds content and view plummeted 📉📉📉📉😂😂
Geiah Lim
Geiah Lim 7 dager siden
When I saw the thumbnail, she seems familiar to me and thought of Agatha, then I clicked to confirm. It's Agatha! The former editor of Bretman Rock!
Ma 7 dager siden
Miss ur editor's note in Bret's videos! Just clicked this because your face looks so familiar and I was right. 😁
Nico I
Nico I 8 dager siden
You can't fool me, that's the Aiea 7-11, townie ;^)
Chuck Wags
Chuck Wags 8 dager siden
i like those purple cookies. yum yum
Kelson Furtado
Kelson Furtado 8 dager siden
Our 7-11’s are bomb af!
Cheyenne St. John
Cheyenne St. John 8 dager siden
I have to go find the 7-11 closest to me with pho now. And the ube treats.
Lawrence Zmuda
Lawrence Zmuda 8 dager siden
Cant believe we all unanimously left the buzzfeed binge phase the last few years
Triggered Gaming
Triggered Gaming 8 dager siden
She looks like Agatha Brennan rocks editor lol
SHAYNE 4 dager siden
She is
daoming wang
daoming wang 8 dager siden
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troy lagon
troy lagon 8 dager siden
she went to the one in Aiea Hawaii
Josiah Nerro
Josiah Nerro 8 dager siden
Jeremy Mavrick
Jeremy Mavrick 8 dager siden
Every 711 in Hawaii is next to a bus stop
Paula Angela David
Paula Angela David 8 dager siden
damn bretman rock's former editor
Gabby Kai
Gabby Kai 9 dager siden
MORE AGATHA PLEASE with the Hawaii content!! 🔥
meat head
meat head 9 dager siden
Bruhh in a New york 7-11 they just have week old rolling hot dogs, squeezy cheese and meat (yes, MEAT. FROM A DISPENSER), and stale wings
M I N A 9 dager siden
Miss Agathaaaaaa 😍
Sarah Liftawi
Sarah Liftawi 9 dager siden
The title should just be "eating food from 7/11 Hawaii". I'm still trying to put the "courses" together and I just don't get it lol
Andrew Capili
Andrew Capili 9 dager siden
I don’t get how this is a 7 course meal. Way too many things for 7 courses.
Charisma Gilkes
Charisma Gilkes 9 dager siden
It's been Agatha all along🎶
ultramegaman555 9 dager siden
and unsubscribed srsly, what have you guys become Edit: questionable video titles/topics and now im supposed to watch someone eat and "analyze" that? why would i? whats the point? will i ever, once i visit hawaii, think of this video and say to myself "ahhh, thats where i get my food from, thank god i watched this ???
A A 8 dager siden
Good stay on the mainland and don’t eat our food. Hawaii doesn’t need anymore h a o l e s like you. 😆🤙🏾
Regular Gamer
Regular Gamer 9 dager siden
Hey Jesus Loves You And He Died For You Turn To Him 😁😁
7-Eleven Hawai'i
7-Eleven Hawai'i 9 dager siden
Thank you so much for stopping by and trying our products! We are happy to be a locally operated company, catering to regional palettes while offering exclusive favorites from our sister companies around the globe! :)
S. Nonaka
S. Nonaka 3 dager siden
@A A yessah gotta represent.
A A 8 dager siden
Cheee huuuu reppin da 808!😎🤙🏾 🍙🍣
Manti Kailikalua
Manti Kailikalua 9 dager siden
I live in hawaii
Ben Roley
Ben Roley 9 dager siden
Love the video Agatha!!!
100kPureTrash 9 dager siden
Since when did our 7-11s have this food!?
Pono Kanaka
Pono Kanaka 9 dager siden
damnnn this makes me miss hawaii 7-11, been in washington for 3 years and i think i only been 7-11 once lol
Jheanelle Goodwin
Jheanelle Goodwin 9 dager siden
Here from her TikTok
Melissa Govender
Melissa Govender 9 dager siden
I like her, she’s entertaining.
Melting Stream
Melting Stream 9 dager siden
Aye she said it right!
Betty 9 dager siden
Girl, your commentary had me cackling 😂😂😂
Around the World in April Days
I know there's a lot of Japanese food in Hawaii but I wasnt prepared for how much Korean food selection was available in that 7-eleven. The pho, and the ensaymada and ube were also a pleasant surprise.
PC Gaming
PC Gaming 9 dager siden
Which is your fav line in this song ? Comment below
Mhysa 9 dager siden
Bailee Cow
Bailee Cow 9 dager siden
Agatha!!! ❤️ you, pretty girl
808BAMFasian 9 dager siden
Hell yah, I’m from Oahu. This is cool to see.
Ryley Chu
Ryley Chu 9 dager siden
Damn I'm 21 born and raised in Waianae, Hawaii. 50% Hawaiian and graduated from Kamehameha. This is cool to see, please don't let this flop come on Hawaii stand up.
A A 8 dager siden
Cheee huuuu Hawaii represent! 🤙🏾
Ryley Chu
Ryley Chu 9 dager siden
@808BAMFasian Let's go! Support da girl hard workah
808BAMFasian 9 dager siden
Let’s go
Nina 9 dager siden
This has a very rawr xd randum energy to it
ChxlsxqTheMemer 9 dager siden
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Purvi Verma
Purvi Verma 9 dager siden
How dull! How badly could one do a review for food.
Jaydee Kama
Jaydee Kama 9 dager siden
Ayeeeee Aloha from Hawai’i 🤙🏼🌺
Johnny L Chalk
Johnny L Chalk 9 dager siden
S. R.
S. R. 9 dager siden
bloody hell i'm hungry now :/
Kawika Yamanoha
Kawika Yamanoha 10 dager siden
“whos been messing up everything its been agatha all along”🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️ “and i killed sparky too”
Amy Trieger
Amy Trieger 10 dager siden
Nothing hits like spam musubi from a chaotic Hawaiian convenience store after a 6-hour flight from the mainland.
pico theGUYo
pico theGUYo 10 dager siden
Comments were turned off for the "women try manspreading" video. I wonder why, its almost as if the world hates men so much they have to neglect the fact that we do actually have male genitalia. Which i know by itself is just rude and unnecessary. I imagine you guys got a lot of flack for that video. Stop perpetuating your male hate on the internet. Do better. (Had to vent because I was TRIGGERED)
The Food Try
The Food Try 10 dager siden
wow amazing food
EatingAdventures 10 dager siden
Erika Engle
Erika Engle 10 dager siden
Yay Agatha! Can I please have your autograph? Love and hugs!
Justice Millz
Justice Millz 10 dager siden
Finally sum from home yessa🤙🏽
MusicIsLife 10 dager siden
I have my eye on those ube crinkles 😍😍😍
PT Genesis
PT Genesis 10 dager siden
its not Pork Hash, its Siew Mai
A A 6 dager siden
@Marvin Miyashiro Yea da ice in the snow cones on the mainland tastes rock hard and crunchy! A’ole lol I’ll stick to da shave ice in Hawaii. 😂
高橋高実 Takahashi Takami
We do have shumai here in Hawaii too, but from my understanding, shumai is smaller than pork hash usually.
Marvin Miyashiro
Marvin Miyashiro 9 dager siden
@A A You know what the funny thing is? Our shave ice is more like snow. Their's is more like little chipped pieces of ice, not snow. Da bugga is crunchy! I had it once and will never have it again.
A A 9 dager siden
@Marvin Miyashiro So true! It’s like we have our own language here in Hawaii. 🤙🏾 Like how we say “🍧shave ice” instead of snow cones. And “🩴🩴slippahs/ slippers” instead of flip flops.
Marvin Miyashiro
Marvin Miyashiro 10 dager siden
In Hawaii it is called pork hash. Just like how they call it manapua and not char siu bao or half moon instead of har gau. It's a Hawaii thing.
Big Ups To Tsukikoつきこ
7/11 Hawaii has more food options than mainland 7/11 because it's owned and operated by 7/11 Japan, which is separate from the mainland 7/11 corporation.
Marvin Miyashiro
Marvin Miyashiro 9 dager siden
@Big Ups To Tsukikoつきこ I know Wikipedia isn't considered a solid source of info, but it says that the parent company of 7-Eleven U.S. is a subsidiary of 7-Eleven Japan. This happened in 1991.
Big Ups To Tsukikoつきこ
@Marvin Miyashiro I'm not sure where you got your information from but I worked for 7/11 Hawaii and this is what management told us.
Marvin Miyashiro
Marvin Miyashiro 10 dager siden
The mainland 7-Eleven is also Japanese owned. The problem is that most people on the mainland wouldn't know what most of the stuffs from Hawaii and Asia is. I would buy it, but the demographics wouldn't support it up here. Just too sad to think about. When dis pandemic is pau, I'm coming home for some good grinds!
YY 10 dager siden
When she went through the first course, I was like "hold on a sec...that's ONE course?!" cuz that looked like more than one course😂
Bailey Adams
Bailey Adams 10 dager siden
this actually made me wanna move to Hawaii
Bebeinhigh 420
Bebeinhigh 420 10 dager siden
lauren J
lauren J 10 dager siden
Why doesn’t she work with Bretman anymore?
Hannixie 101
Hannixie 101 9 dager siden
Bec her main job a video producer in the news and now at Warner Music. Busy girl I guess
Vekrulu Khesoh
Vekrulu Khesoh 10 dager siden
Eyes satisfied Now hungry
I Love You
I Love You 10 dager siden
i want to try everything...... im hungry ..... looks tasty ....... im hungry
gnarly shaine
gnarly shaine 10 dager siden
girl- ive never heard of anyone from hawaiʻi not liking li hing mui
Christa Kadena
Christa Kadena 8 dager siden
I thought the same thing! How can you be a true local and not like li hing mui?
Lao 10 dager siden
I wish we had these types of 7/11s not everyone wants junk food 😔
aakla 10 dager siden
Their saimin is ok, it tries really hard to be real saimin. To much Anise I think.
Keiki Alani Frazee
Keiki Alani Frazee 10 dager siden
Maunapua (literally steamed sweet pork buns; char sui, or other variants), definitely must be eaten fresh out of the steamers and not bought in the frozen fridge sections. Freshly steamed Spam Musabi or Teriyaki Musabi are the best to have there definitely!!
Mariya Parkhomchuk
Mariya Parkhomchuk 10 dager siden
Agatha reppin the 808
Josh Alonzo
Josh Alonzo 10 dager siden
🤙🏽🤙🏽🌺 my home
Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken 10 dager siden
Not bad for a fat chick, although your face could be prettier.
Muhd Afiq
Muhd Afiq 10 dager siden
this kinda reminds me of something we would have back in malaysia from family mart
Mukbang Finland
Mukbang Finland 10 dager siden
redhotsweetpotatoe 10 dager siden
This wasn't a 7 course meal, it was 7 meals in 1 sitting.
shwinny // home meide 美的
mainland US could never 😩😩
Warren 10 dager siden
She should be in more videos
The Modern Hippie
The Modern Hippie 10 dager siden
Basically let’s buy everything and taste it. Love it.
nabil abotaleb
nabil abotaleb 10 dager siden
It was agatha all aloooongggg ! lol
martinisrael7 10 dager siden
It was Agatha all along! LOL
Mark Kim
Mark Kim 10 dager siden
Ayyyy Aiea 7-Eleven 🥳
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