Tattoo Artists Reveal Secrets About Getting Tattoos 

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Tattoo artists answer our most curious questions.
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Portrait Of Paul Booth
Lawrence Schiller/Getty Images
Doodle kawaii cute cartoon characters. Black and white tattoo coloring
Anna Logunova/Getty Images
Detail of a tattooist tattooing on a forearm during on...
Stefano Guidi/Getty Images
Tattoo artist who draws on a man's back during on Italian...
Stefano Guidi/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Woman With Cat Tattoo On Arm Against Black Background
Udo Mallmann / EyeEm/Getty Images
OLI SCARFF/Getty Images
Tattoo on Back of Man Holding Bar
William Whitehurst/Getty Images
Thai Owner Of Mothballed Steelworks Goes Into Liquidation As Government Announces £80million Support Package
Ian Forsyth/Getty Images
Tattoo on Arm
Spanic/Getty Images
New Mexico Scenics
Robert Alexander/Getty Images
A woman holds her cat on August 6, 2011
AFP/Getty Images
Carlton Blues Training Session
Scott Barbour/Getty Images
Kelly Tattoo
Kelly Castro/Getty Images
Blue Tattoo Light Sign on a Window From a Barbershop and Tattoo Studio
Kanel Bulle/Getty Images
Blue Tattoo Light Sign and a QR Code that Says Scan Me on a Window
Kanel Bulle/Getty Images
Tattoo master making tattoo on customer's back
Kanoke_46/Getty Images
Getting Tattooed
SolStock/Getty Images
Tattoo artist applies colour on person back with needles
babushka_p90/Getty Images
Professional tattooist fills magnum needle with black ink
babushka_p90/Getty Images



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Nina 1995
Nina 1995 4 timer siden
Me trying to find a comment that does not start with "I..."
Taegan Skye
Taegan Skye 12 timer siden
If y’all don’t think you can handle the pain well-ESPECIALLY IN A VERY PAINFUL SPOT- there’s numbing cream on Amazon that you can get really cheap, and an hour before your session, apply it to the area you’re getting tattooed and wrap in saran wrap. A couple minutes before you get the tattoo placed, take off the wrap and wipe off the cream. I recently got part of my hip and stomach tattooed, and my artist used it on me to help with the pain. I didn’t feel anything for the first hour and half! It’s a lot easier for you and the artist because you can sit still and relax. The stuff he used was called Anesten! And You don’t have to tell the artist that you put it on before the appointment because some are A-holes and will make fun of you. Getting tattooed does not feel good and they know it! It’s okay to not wanna feel the pain so intensely. Also, the Anesten cream in particular doesn’t mess up the stencil ink and isnt greasy. It also CAN be applied to open skin!
Taegan Skye
Taegan Skye 12 timer siden
My least painful spot was the back of my arm an inch above my elbow. I barely noticed it.
Alice G
Alice G Dag siden
Is Lawrence single? He seems lovely!.. For real though
Bindi 4 dager siden
I thought this was Inked channel
Nasira 5 dager siden
Who haggles an artist? Like how rude 😂 they're CREATING for you and makes names what they think they're worth and you said NO in the rudest way by haggling. Don't get tatted by that person 🤣🤣🤣
NoNotiCarly 5 dager siden
If you love Paul, definitely check out some of his videos on Inked, the man has seen and done things we never will
Revina Que
Revina Que 6 dager siden
Clicked for Paul Booth. The man is a legend!
Brittney Collier
Brittney Collier 6 dager siden
Never haggle your tattoo prices, do the research ahead of time to get an idea of what it’ll cost, but always focus on quality of work. You may pay more but it’s for a better product from a respectable artist
Stephanie 6 dager siden
Anyone else feel like this is Buzzfeed trying to catch some of Inked’s viewership? 😂
AnjuJade23 4 dager siden
I only clicked cause I recognized Paul from Inked 🤣
Tschandra Heinze
Tschandra Heinze 6 dager siden
I wanna get a tattoo by this guy he's so straight up
Jess Cuz
Jess Cuz 8 dager siden
one suggestion is to not be afraid to speak up, respectfully. This is your body, your skin, you're stuck with this. So be sure 100% about the design, placement, the tattoo artist, don't be afraid to offend them, so long as you're respectful. They want you to be happy with your tattoo!
Air Quotes
Air Quotes 8 dager siden
I have a big one of my ribs and It barely hurt, maybe I just have a high pain tolerance
CaffeinatedxUnicorn 8 dager siden
Neither of them seem particularly professional
Natalie. N
Natalie. N 8 dager siden
I got a pretty big tiger piece on my thigh and during the first session, we had to stop after 5 hours cos my leg was getting a bit too swollen 😅
Natalie. N
Natalie. N 3 dager siden
@Neshia C I'm from Melbourne in Australia and my piece was about $1100.
Neshia C
Neshia C 3 dager siden
how much was your tattoo & what state? i am wanting a lion piece on my thigh but im not sure how much they run 🥲
Amy Settle
Amy Settle 8 dager siden
Completely agree don't get husbands name I did it and less than a yr later caught my husband Cheating on me and left him
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz 9 dager siden
The polar opposite personalities in this video surprising go so well together!
Jonah Bowles
Jonah Bowles 9 dager siden
Fan is an amazing tattoo artist. I have two tattoos done by her.
Katy Tickle
Katy Tickle 9 dager siden
My first tattoo was on my ribs and it tickled and hurt less than my half piece weirdly enough
Kezia Frager
Kezia Frager 9 dager siden
why did I forget that getting a tattoo is painful
Around the World in April Days
I'd always wanted a minimalist tattoo, but my pain tolerance is so low I once cried while getting a flu shot so.... 😅
Around the World in April Days
@August Fire oh my, I wish I had your pain tolerance! 🙌
Around the World in April Days
@chey dupuis I have never been scratched by a cat, thank goodness!
Around the World in April Days
@Iveta Chadimová yes, let's conquer our fears!
August Fire
August Fire 6 dager siden
I cry like crazy when it comes to shot still and I’m 16 but I have 8 tattoos (2 being quite big) and it’s not nearly as bad as a shot lol. It feels like a cat scratch but some of my first tattoos I didn’t feel anything at all😂
Fire Fox
Fire Fox 6 dager siden
I advise you not to get one. 70% of people regret getting one. It’s also very bad
Mélissa Taylor
Mélissa Taylor 9 dager siden
"Preferly shut up half the time" 😂
SUPAW 9 dager siden
The male artist is just a savage. 😂😂Hahaha
eli cather
eli cather 9 dager siden
One thing I learned to utilize after 4 tattoos: if you are a wimp (like myself), look into numbing creams! Always ask your tattoo artist first about what they think is best, and always patch test a product, but if you think it'll help, try it! My last tattoo was absolutely amazing because I used some. Now I feel as though I can get the art I want, without having to worry too much about pain.
Jes is a Mess
Jes is a Mess 9 dager siden
Im getting my first tattoo of hopefully A LOT next month and im going bigger than my hand. My artist designed something i will like for years and its a design that can be reworked in a few decades. I hope it works out.
Rebecca Borochov
Rebecca Borochov 9 dager siden
I cant believe they got Paul Booth
Kelly Mills
Kelly Mills 10 dager siden
My favorite was when I took pics of flowers and said where I wanted it. My artist designed the whole thing, colors also. It's my pride and joy.
Rahela Shikorina
Rahela Shikorina 10 dager siden
Bruh I got lectured from a piercer that I wasn’t supposed to be intoxicated yet I was smoking weed beforehand to numb the pain from my upper ear! Yet that dude gets away with a whole head of tattoos! 😤💢 smh
Abbi Donovan
Abbi Donovan 10 dager siden
I genuinely didn’t know buzzfeed still posted!
Taylor Swant
Taylor Swant 10 dager siden
I would love to meet Paul Booth!
caroline lane
caroline lane 10 dager siden
I want a tattoo from both of these people
Carlie Nichole
Carlie Nichole 10 dager siden
Me watching while on a ink craze getting tatted every weekend...😂
MISSLISS 10 dager siden
Am I the only one who notices she doesn’t have glasses in her glasses?
Cosmina Flavia
Cosmina Flavia 10 dager siden
I would like to see them on ink master
Cosmina Flavia
Cosmina Flavia 10 dager siden
@Daniel Bello Oh really? In what season?
Daniel Bello
Daniel Bello 10 dager siden
I’m sure Paul booth has been a guest judge. He’s already a tattoo master doesn’t need it
S. R.
S. R. 10 dager siden
I have a question for tattoo artists in the comments If I were to go to you to get a piece done and at the same time ask you to do a touch up or edit another artists's work (got it done in another country so I can't get that artist to touch it up) would you be able to do it?
Jacky Star
Jacky Star 4 dager siden
Some artists are open and others don't touch anyone else's work no matter what. So asking your artist would be the best bet.
Smilla Schär
Smilla Schär 6 dager siden
I’ve had that done before! Worked out great. I just asked my artist beforehand and they agreed just asking me to pay a small (and I mean tiny) fee!
Ignasi Colominas
Ignasi Colominas 10 dager siden
Agh! I have been waiting for 2 months to get my first tattoo. Quarantine in Spain is tough, so still got to wait a lil' more :( Looking forward to getting it tbh. It is an unfilled thin draw of a plant in a broken pot with its roots and seeds: It makes reference to veganism and plant kingdom... (I am vegan hence the tattoo) :D
Ashley Blackwood
Ashley Blackwood 10 dager siden
Got a eight ball 🎱 on my neck toughed it out
Dante 10 dager siden
Shoutout Paul! Tattoo legend! He’s toured with and tattooed your favorite metal bands back in the days.
Bob DeFalco
Bob DeFalco 11 dager siden
Not something I'd ever do, but this was quite interesting.
Let’splaysomegamer 11 dager siden
I love these videos
acexkeikai 11 dager siden
People ask me to describe the pain of tattos I just go... ever been scratched by a cat? That's basically it except once the needle of off it doesn't hurt anymore. At least for me.
ash 11 dager siden
Why is the woman tattooer acting freaked out about genital tattoos? A lot of tattoo artists do those
ash 10 dager siden
@Don Don true
Don Don
Don Don 10 dager siden
Probably not comfortable. You'd be surprised how many people don't shower before an appointment and they decide to get lower body tats. Also take her culture into account. It's one thing to be an Asian with tattoos or an Asian tattoo artist it's a whole different scale tattooing genitals as that area is seen as sacred in some cultures and not taken lightly especially when you tattoo it😂
Jim Lawn Jr
Jim Lawn Jr 11 dager siden
I went to HS with Booth and even played Football with Him , Excellent Tattoo Artist 🤘🏻
Unique Antoinette
Unique Antoinette 11 dager siden
Have some tattoos on forearms and finger and I personally feel like the most painful thing isn’t the needle (it does hurt) but when the artist wipes off the area in between strokes 😬 thats pain
Soph! 6 dager siden
This!!! I have a rib tat and the actual tattooing didn’t hurt at all, the wipe downs were the WORST
Key-Azia Deveaux
Key-Azia Deveaux 7 dager siden
Yes! Like it was a stinging feeling.
Adrian Maxwell
Adrian Maxwell 11 dager siden
The guy's headpiece looks so blown out and blurred. I usually don't mind head pieces but that one just seems too busy and that it was bound to get really blurry.
Dip 2 dager siden
Stuff on the head bleeds out more over time, his head piece is pretty old.
Technical Faisal iqbal
Technical Faisal iqbal 11 dager siden
👈👈👈 Please help 🙏🙏🙏
repk02001 11 dager siden
Guy looks like he gives cheap tattoos at tattoo conventions so you can’t find him later
Don Don
Don Don 10 dager siden
No actually look at his tattoos on Instagram or google. He's one of the best in the game. He does a lot of Full Back tatts of demons and stuff.
Mark Cerami
Mark Cerami 11 dager siden
He is probably top 10 tattoo artist . Check out his work.
T2TheDart 11 dager siden
Oh man. Paul Booth is a legend.
MnS Vlogs
MnS Vlogs 11 dager siden
Oh wow, I felt this was a crash course ❤️
HayaItsAriana 11 dager siden
Well damn lol I have a Linkin Park band logo tattooed but I will never regret it
sonali perera
sonali perera 11 dager siden
I wanna get soo many tattoos!!! I was so so scared to get my first tattoo but I am so glad I did!!! Its painful yes, but I am so glad that I can handle it lol.
Linda Bui
Linda Bui 11 dager siden
If you close your eyes, he kind of sounds like kronk from emperor's new groove
Liz W
Liz W 11 dager siden
i have several tattoos and love them all. never get one that youre not sure youll love 10 or 20 years from now lol
Sarah 9 dager siden
Or at least make sure they have a good story! Lol
Aisha Mukash
Aisha Mukash 11 dager siden
I almost died the day I got a tattoo on my ribs. The two other tattoos I got the same day, but on other places felt like a mosquito bite in comparison
Maame water
Maame water 6 dager siden
@Vodkath I have a rib tattoo also, its really not that painful just kind of annoying. Don't be put off
I'm not a creative person
@Vodkath My first tattoo was on my rib. I thought I was gonna be crunching in pain but I was actually falling asleep in the chair 🤣🤣 the only time it got uncomfortable was when some flowers the artist was doing was near my stomach. Those lines felt like they were stinging a bit.
Air Quotes
Air Quotes 8 dager siden
I have one on my ribs and I didn't think it was that bad. The one on my wrist right over the vein that one sucked.
Vodkath 9 dager siden
Me, wanting a rib tattoo and reading this: :’-)
Navya Santhosh
Navya Santhosh 11 dager siden
Where did you get the other two tattoos?
Anandu Pradeep
Anandu Pradeep 11 dager siden
He sounds like Walter white
Caroline 11 dager siden
*I would loooooooooove to go out for a pint* 😫
Randy Gravel
Randy Gravel 11 dager siden
Remember when tattoos weren’t gay?
Eloise N.
Eloise N. 11 dager siden
When I got my first tattoo (which was also filled) and told the tattoo artist I wanted it on my ribs all she said was "wow, you're brave"
rkingsiv 11 dager siden
Tattoos are for losers.
rebecca Thumper
rebecca Thumper 11 dager siden
She's Awesome I know they both do amazing work..👍💯
rebecca Thumper
rebecca Thumper 11 dager siden
I would love to get a tattoo by him he's funny and straight up👍💯😂😂💙💙
Blinky. 10 dager siden
you'd be waiting a while he's got an absurdly long wait list
Paul Sims
Paul Sims 11 dager siden
Dude is straight up the best and creepiest man ever and I want to meet him so bad
Leeステラ 11 dager siden
My first tat was on my finger 10 days after I turned 18.. I knew it was one of the most painful places but I didn’t know what “tattoo pain” felt like and didn’t have anything to base it off of lol... it hurt but again comparatively I don’t know what a tattoo would feel like in a less sensitive place
Martin Martinez
Martin Martinez 11 dager siden
Right, it's very subjective the first time you do it.
Nikeeta Singh
Nikeeta Singh 11 dager siden
"Have I ever laughed at anyone in pain?" Me looking at myself when the screen turns black and Netflix says "Are you still watching"
bryan najera
bryan najera 11 dager siden
This is the first video on buzzfeed about tattoos in a long time MORE PLEASE
JoAnn Adkins
JoAnn Adkins 11 dager siden
Me waiting to get my tattoo rn like...
JGood 11 dager siden
Hopefully you guys do more videos with tattoo artist
Lina Johnson
Lina Johnson 11 dager siden
lol the comments are so random
쉐리 sherry Mukbang 댓글 Comment
If your reading this comment, may your family live along time. 😁😆🙏
Vive.Vive 11 dager siden
Reagan Hune
Reagan Hune 11 dager siden
I’m getting a tattoo today so I’m glad this popped up when it did lol
Reagan Hune
Reagan Hune 3 dager siden
@GSR 01 I got a snake on my right thigh!!
Natalie Roberts
Natalie Roberts 11 dager siden
@Randy Gravel u rlly thought u did something huh
Randy Gravel
Randy Gravel 11 dager siden
Think for yourself
Raymond Loya
Raymond Loya 11 dager siden
Don't do it
GSR 01
GSR 01 11 dager siden
What are you getting done?
Leona Boner Terry
Leona Boner Terry 11 dager siden
I love you Paul Booth!!
Emily Barbeau
Emily Barbeau 11 dager siden
hey! I just posted a new video!! Please make sure to check it out and subscribe ❤️❤️❤️ small youtuber
Goli 11 dager siden
aestaetic ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
“where it hurts the least? on someone else”
Kayla Paredes
Kayla Paredes 5 dager siden
Arms. I literally fell asleep getting tattooed on my arm.
Noel Romansky
Noel Romansky 9 dager siden
I mean.... he ain’t wrong.... xD
blv 11 dager siden
:) hi! On youtube, search for this: “chill yall”, its a good choice. yeah!
ZHANTAI ISAEV 11 dager siden
Whoever reads this god bless you and your family!
shane mcferran
shane mcferran 11 dager siden
Last 😢
Psycho Secrets
Psycho Secrets 11 dager siden
Quote: “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”- Oprah Winfrey
blv 11 dager siden
:) hi! On youtube, search for this: “chill yall”, its a good choice. yeah!
Emily Barbeau
Emily Barbeau 11 dager siden
hey! I just posted a new video!! Please make sure to check it out and subscribe ❤️❤️❤️ small youtuber
XANDER 11 dager siden
Athith 11 dager siden
nstyvfx 11 dager siden
check my channel :) good editing
Zexify FN
Zexify FN 11 dager siden
don't self promote
nstyvfx 11 dager siden
@Zexify FN yes
nstyvfx 11 dager siden
@Zexify FN :,(
Zexify FN
Zexify FN 11 dager siden
I'm Leaving YouTube
Ganger 2,3 mill