I Got Plastic Surgery And I Regret It 

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When Cherry considered plastic surgery as a solution to her relationship problems, she could never have imagined the impact that choice would have on her family and future. Check out Cherry's youtube channel: nosections.info/mem/1mQtXSAn9AGOk2g2rkgVpQ Cherry's Instagram: cherrytung.co?hl=en
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Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion
Thanks so much for having me. Super nervous coming out to share my story but I really hope my story can help even just one girl out there. ❤️❤️❤️
Dhirendra Tiwari
Really helped me
La 2 dager siden
you're so brave to be sharing something vulnerable and making things better for young girls out there
SwitchBlade 6 dager siden
I am a boy , a big nose so i am probably gonna do it still to smallen it rest is good
Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion
@Lettice Travels omg thanks so much
Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion
@Manu Noel you're way too sweet!
cindy valencia
cindy valencia 8 timer siden
it looks good , i hope shes happy now
KnotEntirely 10 timer siden
You’re ex was cappin, he probably had ED. You’re beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.
Nayunie 18 timer siden
What!! You look beautiful tho when you don't did plastic surgery 👀
Lyna Amamria
Lyna Amamria Dag siden
We all love our family but sometimes your family can be the one who destroyed you
Sumít Míttal
Sumít Míttal 2 dager siden
Can't you see? You're beautiful.
Teltha Truth
Teltha Truth 2 dager siden
It’s a shame that you had to go through that, nevertheless you look fantastic.
Lee Jay
Lee Jay 4 dager siden
Her grandmother needs a telling off - how dare you say that about her granddaughter's looks and rate all the cousins on their looks!
fistwood 4 dager siden
She is pretty :)
ZAK SMALL 4 dager siden
classic mouth breather
BIG SMOKE 5 dager siden
Maybe the boyfriend is gay
Lettice Travels
Lettice Travels 8 dager siden
This was so tough to watch but thanks for sharing Cherry.
M T 8 dager siden
You are an articulate and beautiful woman. Any man would be lucky to have you for a girlfriend or wife. Have fun and stay happy!
Jess Higginbottom
Jess Higginbottom 8 dager siden
We need to uplift each other. Everyone is beautiful.. and the beauty is that we are all unique!! How amazing is that. ☺️💕
Amelia Joy
Amelia Joy 9 dager siden
Everyone is enough just as they are. Everyone deserves love just as they are.
Soon실리 9 dager siden
I'm glad I found this video.
ミlia_berryミ 9 dager siden
I'm so sorry but I want to slap her grandma
Kayla Boyle
Kayla Boyle 11 dager siden
Wanna know a secret? You were beautiful before,after and now. You’re breath taking. But also the courage that it took to speak out on this was amazing. You seem like a truly beautiful soul inside and out.
SoSoyGee 11 dager siden
Tbh it looks the same
Bailey Harr
Bailey Harr 13 dager siden
This is my favorite one of your guys videos so far
lvl lvl
lvl lvl 14 dager siden
Her grandma was obviously blind, she looked good before Trust Gods' timing for her grandma 😈🙏
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 15 dager siden
How can her family give her crap about getting a nose job when they are the ones that made her insecure in the first place. smh
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 15 dager siden
her plastic surgeon watching this like: 👁👄👁
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 15 dager siden
Can't even imagine the guts needed to address/film something like this for the world. Adore your strength, Cherry.
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 15 dager siden
The good old Asian body shaming. Sometimes family is your worst enemy 😒
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 15 dager siden
The grandmother telling a little girl that she’s the ugliest girl in the family angered me so much.
Cara M
Cara M 15 dager siden
Wow. This is why you don’t go with cheap surgery. I got a rhinoplasty in 2017 and it cost me $8k and took about 6 months of scheduling, general exam and meetings. Best thing I ever did for my confidence and life in general, but there is a huge dark side to this industry. Be safe, do your research and take your time with stuff like this.
nurul hazimah
nurul hazimah 15 dager siden
i grew up having a big nose .. every times i make a new friends either girl or boy, the first thing they notice is my nose .. several of them often telling me, my nose is big .. honestly, it hurt me
ThePsalms 15 dager siden
As a man of colour I like bigger women
YuriDV 15 dager siden
wait wait... i dont get it,, she is beautiful before and after she got her nose done, im trying to think positive here, i think her grandma needs a glasses....
Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez 16 dager siden
you are beautiful!
kittie berry
kittie berry 16 dager siden
You didnt need plastic surgery you needed a new boyfriend☕
Rinke 17 dager siden
Just do it again right?
Icee Acee
Icee Acee 17 dager siden
People abuse plastic surgery so much nowadays. I remember there was a time when plastic surgery was used only for medical reasons. Everyone now looks mutated and very fake it’s sad. Cherry you got lucky considering before and after you still look great 👌🏼
Angela 18 dager siden
Horrible video
Tiffany 19 dager siden
Grama sounds like a real b****
Mag L
Mag L 20 dager siden
She looked better before
Sally 21 dag siden
Your nose looks so natural, it doesn't look like you had anything done. That being said, you looked beautiful then and still beautiful now, don't let anyone tell you anything different💕
Sammy Ritz
Sammy Ritz 21 dag siden
Ruby Elizabeth Blackdeath
Cherry tung lmao🍒👅
Sanjeev Joshi
Sanjeev Joshi 22 dager siden
Feeling insecure about yourself is the worst feeling ever. Even the KING OF POP got plastic surgery as he did not want to look even close to his dad who used to beat him brutally almost everyday.
Atinyneverland 12 dager siden
Wait who?
Tony Bui
Tony Bui 23 dager siden
Before and After kinda look the same
eman albdairi
eman albdairi 23 dager siden
I don’t know what are talking about girl you look stunning before and after Gosh ♥️♥️
Twitch babyyy
Twitch babyyy 23 dager siden
her grandma after she got her nose done. you fool, I was kidding! she's beautiful even before her surgery ngl.
Cherry Tung - Finance & Fashion
I don't think she ever found out lol
Jessie Shen
Jessie Shen 24 dager siden
Omg my grandma is my favorite person in the world I can’t believe that happened to u I’m so so sorry
Sher And Aleem EXPRESS
Sher And Aleem EXPRESS 24 dager siden
0:56 thats when i realised this was not for kids
Wiz 24 dager siden
What's the purpose of this video? Asking ppl not to do plastic surgery? Blaming China? Blaming her grandma? Blaming her boyfriend? Promoting her youtube channel?
Kawaii lette
Kawaii lette 25 dager siden
but her nose is so cute and perky! so glad they only did an implant and didn't shave anything down or break it to change the shape!!
Dalia H
Dalia H 25 dager siden
I honestly think if a family member gives a child crap about their looks, they have no right to complain about anyone getting cosmetic surgeries
CL L 25 dager siden
I got plastic surgery and didn’t regret it. You have to be careful of all the fake reviews out there.
Jana Seo
Jana Seo 26 dager siden
Gurl, you are so beautiful! Please love yourself!
Smriti Misra
Smriti Misra 26 dager siden
You are brave ❤️
Madison Shayy
Madison Shayy 26 dager siden
I didn’t know I needed this. I read the title of the video and I’m not gonna lie I wasn’t that interested but something in me told me to watch it and I did, the whole thing. And I didn’t know that I needed that, but I did.
izumiruki 26 dager siden
She was so damn cute before the procedure and is still damn cute now! I'm sorry but what a bxtch of a grandma for saying that to her own granddaughter. 😤
KELSEY 26 dager siden
Not gonn' lie she looked pretty before surgery too 🤍✨ Much more prettier than me
Aro Ace
Aro Ace 27 dager siden
You already look pretty
Kathleen Totten
Kathleen Totten 27 dager siden
I’m Chinese, I’ve always been insecure about my nose. I wasn’t sure if I ever want to get facial plastic surgery because it’s so drastic, so I’ve I thought about injections to change the shape. But recently I’ve always been more accepting of my nose, sometimes. I completely understand how she feels. This video helps me accept my nose better, just her talking about her experience. ❤️
Miss Pink
Miss Pink 27 dager siden
And that my friends is why ED needs to be a commonplace conversation. Honey it wasn't you, it's an issue many, many men have.
L W 28 dager siden
You are so brave girl... you are so brave.
Ashwini M
Ashwini M 28 dager siden
Just to let you know you look prettty in both before and after surgery pics.
Molly P
Molly P 28 dager siden
You are so brave to tell your story. Thank you!
Vishesh Agarwal
Vishesh Agarwal 28 dager siden
When you reject the gift from nature :
Merv Eleazar
Merv Eleazar 28 dager siden
Oh man. She is pretty now, but she was also pretty before the surgery.
vxx 28 dager siden
wow omg she was so pretty back then and now. shes so strong. society just sucks ass
Win Metawin
Win Metawin 29 dager siden
She looks like Chloe Ting
Nikhil Rudra
Nikhil Rudra 29 dager siden
Like the way you are❤️
Renee James
Renee James 29 dager siden
Cherry this was so honest! Also you are legit gorgeous
Emma 29 dager siden
Are you kidding me? You are so beautiful.😗😗😗😗
Ree A
Ree A 29 dager siden
O my god . You are really strong . I was just thinking my teeths have gap and have facial hair . I don't look good at all . But you make me realise again that I am fine . I hope your nose get fine and you forget every thing and just live your live . I know ppl like your grandma ( I am sry if you think I don't have say about ur grandma ) , in my clg there is guy I don't have even got talk with much days but he say my teeth make me look like Shark I feel it so bad but at the same time I just if I become shark then I rip you from middle awhile live . Well since that day I do not talk with him at all because I know this guy is not good my health if I stay with him even a little I will may really rip him .
Yah Girl
Yah Girl 29 dager siden
Even Barbie dolls have more weight and shape to them then the Chinese beauty standard allow.
Katia Sinclair
Katia Sinclair 29 dager siden
You look good tho
Lailah Coe
Lailah Coe 29 dager siden
But she's so beautiful
Swagosorus 29 dager siden
this is the embodiment of "you don't need makeup, *you need plastic surgery.*
Ramon 079
Ramon 079 29 dager siden
Why do girls that already look beautifull are the ones that do plastic surgery
hander 29 dager siden
beauty will cloud you
Anna Ly
Anna Ly 29 dager siden
Her nose before was so pretty!
It's 4aron
It's 4aron 29 dager siden
GUYS ShE ThAuGht ShE wAs ThE Imposter No hate plz
Anna Zhu
Anna Zhu 29 dager siden
There's literally so little difference between her original nose and current nose too. She was always beautiful and that really sucks that people around her made her feel like she wasn't :(
RM Di 29 dager siden
How could people say that, she's so pretty.
Smooth MJ Applehead
Smooth MJ Applehead Måned siden
U looked very beautiful in the past. 😍😍❤️
• Random internet girl •
Ayyy Wechat
• Random internet girl •
Yeah, fashion standards are really high
twinkle 22
twinkle 22 Måned siden
Self love
Emana ‘
Emana ‘ Måned siden
I don’t see the difference
Maddie L
Maddie L Måned siden
I’m not coming @ anyone but to me, she regretted it bc it came out bad......
K C Måned siden
Honestly speaking, she was/still is absolutely gorgeous. So glad she was okay after that surgery.
Lia P
Lia P Måned siden
It's so sad she felt that way 😭
Steven Mifsud
Steven Mifsud Måned siden
Sorry this updates IAM getting for this IAM sick off removing them and IAM definitely not interested at all eneytime day or night so please remove these tipe of updates please note IAM not a female and not in to this crap thanks for your time
Movie Stuff & Junk!
Movie Stuff & Junk! Måned siden
maybe get your life away from judgement. stop being so shallow and self centered. could have avoided this altogether.
Clara Barclay
Clara Barclay Måned siden
I was looking at her nose thinking this was after her nose job because her nose was so perfect and I was marvelling at it the whole video. And to know that was her natural nose all along?! Wow girl you arnt flawed the ppl around u are
yzhu873 Måned siden
良言一句三冬暖,恶语伤人六月寒。I feel you because I have been hurt like that too where some of people's words made me question myself and some of them affected me many years. Don't take people's bad words seriously!
Eterix Måned siden
theshriekinghominin Måned siden
That's why you go to Korea/Thailand for PS.
꧁꧂ Måned siden
I’ve been told my whole life I’m too tall for a girl like there’s something I can do about it. It took me years and years to accept the way I look, I’m still not 100% there but I’m not sure I’ll ever be. You’re beautiful, you’re one of a kind. Don’t let anyone bring you down because if everyone looked the same, it would be boring and people would try everything to change... thank you for sharing your story!
Nicky Sanders
Nicky Sanders Måned siden
You are beautiful
C J Måned siden
She got the worst surgeon.. her nose was already pretty.
FireCracker3240 Måned siden
To anyone who needs to hear this: You are beautiful. You are strong. And the moment you can convince yourself of this and truly believe it, accept yourself and stop caring about what anyone else thinks of you, is the moment that all of your insecurities disappear and you are finally free. I know - it happened to me, and it changed my life for the better.
Micah Mauderer
Micah Mauderer Måned siden
Girl you are BEAUTIFUL!
Paola Chavez
Paola Chavez Måned siden
The tittle should of been “I didn’t do research and got a botched nose job”
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The Problem with Cheetahs
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