$30 Amazon Toaster vs $300 TikTok Toaster 

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Toast a steak! Because why not
Check out the toasters here:
Revolution Cooking Touchscreen Toaster:
Bread King Toaster:
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Lower the lever of bread toaster and wait until the bread pops up.
Wachiwit/Getty Images
CU Shot of meat grilling steaks with flame and smoke / Atlanta, GA, United States
Stephen Marks Inc./Getty Images



17. feb.. 2021





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Shelby Brown
Shelby Brown 8 dager siden
When BuzzFeed copies Lauren iykyk
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dager siden
IT'S TOASTY!!!!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dager siden
TOAST A STEAK!!!!!!!!!
FreezFN 10 dager siden
I’m watching every video 💙
FreezFN 10 dager siden
I love this channel ngl
Fraggin' Aardvark
Fraggin' Aardvark 10 dager siden
We still call the sweet kind of muffins muffins too, the 'English muffins' are generally packaged as 'breakfast muffins' here :)
Dr Shyho
Dr Shyho 11 dager siden
Wavn 12 dager siden
I feel like I’m watching a pc amd vs Ryzen video
SandMasta Bryan
SandMasta Bryan 12 dager siden
black people invented the toaster
darniella dd
darniella dd 12 dager siden
Maybe don't grab things with metal tongs... (there are wooden tongs that exist for toasters if you really need to use something)
Kristina Renee
Kristina Renee 12 dager siden
LaurenZside just did this before you.
simonsaysism 12 dager siden
Anyone else getting flashbacks to an animated squirrel singing about the Amityville Toaster? .....Just me? Aight
Brenden Sadler
Brenden Sadler 12 dager siden
1paycheck for a high end toaster
godfatherNYC 13 dager siden
Our Toaster didn't even have a Countdown Timer. We were always confused AF. We were like: "I literally have NO idea when this toast is going to be done."
MelCraft10 -
MelCraft10 - 13 dager siden
BuzzFeed, you're trash by not investing properly into your star hosts. All the good people are gone and I hope your channels start dying so you learn your lesson.
Esther Cho
Esther Cho 13 dager siden
Kapil Gupta
Kapil Gupta 13 dager siden
I think the difference will come when you buy premium bread , waffles etc
Shona Readings
Shona Readings 13 dager siden
The dial numbers are the minutes it cooks for haha not the level of Toastiness
misslenaism 13 dager siden
Put the Revolution toaster up against a Balmuda toaster!
Mark Woodrow
Mark Woodrow 13 dager siden
The one test they should have done. Toast from cold then toast again straight after to see if both pieces of toast come out the same colour.
LittleWolƒ 13 dager siden
so wich one will make the best bathbomb?
Casey Finnegan
Casey Finnegan 13 dager siden
I saw the smart toaster on TikTok before!! :)
Venee C
Venee C 13 dager siden
More technology can lead to destory of human race if it isn't controlled and used properly
Chris Hooper
Chris Hooper 13 dager siden
English muffins or as they call them in the UK... We call them scones, muffins are a whole different thing.
Crushenator500 13 dager siden
@Elizabeth Rose Agreed. A scone and an english muffin aren't the same thing at all. One's crumbly and dense and the other's more bready.
Chris Hooper
Chris Hooper 13 dager siden
Well I've personally never seen them in any supermarket in my 30+ years of life. I will have a look next time I shop :)
Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose 13 dager siden
@Chris Hooper I was born and raised in England. English/breakfast/toasting muffins are a thing I’ve been eating since I was a child. If you Google Tesco, Sainsbury’s, M&S or any other big supermarket chain + English muffins you will get results and see that they are *not* the same thing as scones. You should buy some!
Chris Hooper
Chris Hooper 13 dager siden
@Elizabeth Rose come to the UK and try buying English muffins and see what you get 😂
Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose 13 dager siden
Are you joking? Scones and (English) muffins are completely different things here. You don’t toast scones whereas most people toast muffins. Blueberry muffins, chocolate muffins, banana muffins, etc. are different from scones and muffins.
Nokenify 13 dager siden
My 10$ toaster is more than enough for me, and so far have lasted me 7 years.
Princess Archie
Princess Archie 13 dager siden
Jesus loves all ❤️🙏🏾
Su Lee
Su Lee 13 dager siden
I'm just craving toast now.
【 天使•Shadow 】
Wendy P
Wendy P 13 dager siden
This was fun and informative ⭐️. Thank you
rania afifa
rania afifa 13 dager siden
i like your vids. they are entertaining
Goosey Lucy
Goosey Lucy 14 dager siden
Stole this from @laurenzside
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 14 dager siden
How does a company even make money because I doubt many people buy a $300 toaster and they have to pay for manufacturing and development of it
Jason M
Jason M 14 dager siden
mmm he cute
Brooke Varnum
Brooke Varnum 14 dager siden
Was anybody else terrified when he literally put the knife inside the toaster
NZ WOTB 14 dager siden
Give me the cheap one anyday
Jack Hopewell
Jack Hopewell 14 dager siden
What is an English muffin lol
AnnieShaughnessy7 14 dager siden
Oops. I clicked on this video because I thought this was NED, from Ned's declassified school survival guide 😂
Zoe Lee
Zoe Lee 14 dager siden
I can't even afford a $30 toaster. Ours was $15 haha
Alex Cao
Alex Cao 14 dager siden
Buzzfeed really aint been the same without The Try Guys
Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwartz 14 dager siden
Unless it covers the toast with free caviar, I'm not interested.
Lyndseys Nifty
Lyndseys Nifty 14 dager siden
I just want a poplars feature in toasters so the pop tarts don't get stuck and break off and fall to the bottom!! Also I want a place on the toster to put tongs that you use to grab the hot items out
Pink Shamrock
Pink Shamrock 14 dager siden
You are absolutely adorable... in a "I'm old enough to be your mother" sort of way.
ESC KeS 14 dager siden
this is the whitest video ever
Christian Rennie
Christian Rennie 14 dager siden
Back in the day the $300 toaster was called the kitchen oven. It’s hilarious that people didn’t pay for toasters because we had ovens and now people will pay $300 for a toaster we wouldn’t pay $20 for in the 80s
Crushenator500 13 dager siden
It's literally just an overpriced toaster with a touchscreen. You can get a very high quality toaster oven for the same price which would be way more versatile. This thing's just an exercise in viral marketing.
Army cadet 20
Army cadet 20 14 dager siden
4:24 that’s not a muffin
Lisa Mehsikomer
Lisa Mehsikomer 14 dager siden
I really don’t understand the point of the blindfold when he knew the cheaper toaster was on his right
Sian Brown
Sian Brown 14 dager siden
No there still called English muffins over here
jamberrymiles 14 dager siden
stealing laurenzside’s content now i see
Amelia Langley
Amelia Langley 14 dager siden
LaurenzSide sound familiar? lol anyone else?
NuttyMonkey9512 14 dager siden
Your parents should be slapped for not teaching you how to hold a fork properly
The Krenn Family
The Krenn Family 14 dager siden
If your seeing this comment it would mean the absolute world to me if you would subscribe to our channel and help it grow🥺♥️
The Krenn Family
The Krenn Family 14 dager siden
@D Davis thank you !!
D Davis
D Davis 14 dager siden
Seth Totten
Seth Totten 14 dager siden
Toaster only does 2 slices at a time for that price
Simos Katsiaris
Simos Katsiaris 14 dager siden
Baka the best toaster money can buy is from michubishi and only makes one slice at a time
maddie 14 dager siden
who are these people 😭😭😭
Mera Numonpur
Mera Numonpur 14 dager siden
Coming soon: 4$ Condom vs 400$ condom
Edward Drong
Edward Drong 14 dager siden
I dont like this guy
Chloe Parker
Chloe Parker 14 dager siden
Also I was 27 when I only found out the setting on the side is a timer not the Toastiness 🤦🏼‍♀️
Crushenator500 13 dager siden
I mean... The longer it's on the more toasted it gets, so you were technically correct this whole time. A scale of 1-6 or whatever does set the time, but it's not directly corresponding to that amount of minutes, at least not on my toaster.
Chloe Parker
Chloe Parker 14 dager siden
I’m sorry but my toaster cost me £25 and it’s the best 300 😑 no I’m sorry I like the sound of toast coming up ahah
Vivid.Imagination 14 dager siden
They look like they’re still in highschool
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 14 dager siden
Did you guys really forget about the Mitsubishi Electric bread oven TO-ST1-T???
Andrea Tomková
Andrea Tomková 14 dager siden
Ali Ben khalid
Ali Ben khalid 14 dager siden
Getting an expensive toaster because of a screen is the equivalent of getting a steak wrapped in gold, an easy way to make everything expensive. They should've gotten a Dualit toaster, these suckers are still hand-built in the UK and are made to last a lifetime, my grandmother got one as wedding gift that works till this day no questions asked. But goddammit they're expensive for what seems to the average consumer as "just a toaster" (as in it has no screens or nonsense design).
Mason 美生
Mason 美生 14 dager siden
Which is more energy efficient
Tempest Tries
Tempest Tries 14 dager siden
I was fully expecting the 300 dollar toaster to be a shitter craptop
Night Storm
Night Storm 14 dager siden
You didn't do the hardest one - POP TARTS or TOASTR STRUDEL... what a waste of a challenge.
RedHotTamale91 14 dager siden
Never any reason to spend more than $10 on a toaster 🤣
Sam Elle
Sam Elle 14 dager siden
my toaster was some random cheap one from target I got during my freshman year of college!! still using it to this day
Samantha Nevarez
Samantha Nevarez 14 dager siden
Omg ah I was thinking of getting the smart toaster but I wanted to see your thoughts 😂
Around the World in April Days
A toaster is a toaster; and getting one should practically depend on your budget. Would you really care much about eating something out of it when you're barely awake and in a hurry most of the time anyway?
Liam Martin
Liam Martin 14 dager siden
Not sure if everyone knows this, the settings on a standard toaster are believe it or not, just minutes.
Emily McNamara
Emily McNamara 14 dager siden
My toaster is $10..
Joe Birdwell
Joe Birdwell 14 dager siden
If in the first act you have a poptart on the plate, then in the following one it should be cooked. Otherwise don't put it there."
Dark Knight Films
Dark Knight Films 14 dager siden
Ooh that's (the $300.00 toaster) Jeremy's toaster !
kay moon
kay moon 14 dager siden
I'm hungry :)
sammy m
sammy m 14 dager siden
uhhh did somebody make a mistake w the thumbnail
Chris Hall
Chris Hall 14 dager siden
Yes, let’s use METAL TONGS to get your food out. Idiots (unfortunately) avoiding Darwinism.
I don't even know.
I don't even know. 14 dager siden
$300 toaster oven is wayy better than this $300 toaster
Michael Caywood
Michael Caywood 14 dager siden
I got my toaster from TARGET, it’s called Made Be Design. It’s a TARGET brand, I think.
Henr_y 14 dager siden
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez 14 dager siden
They all quit lol.
쉐리 sherry Mukbang 댓글 Comment
Whoever is reading this god bless you and your family 😍🤩🙏
Quade Vellacott
Quade Vellacott 14 dager siden
He stick a for in the mic
TaunTaun 14 dager siden
Did they just put a metal object in a toaster while it is on
jekanyika 9 dager siden
The knife had a plastic handle. He'll be fine.
Amber Dhillon
Amber Dhillon 13 dager siden
Gen Z amirite
Ryan Harvey
Ryan Harvey 13 dager siden
he must be a smart guy
Mike C
Mike C 13 dager siden
Ok so I wasn’t the only one that was like uh wait ur gonna get shocked lol
calvin cosplay
calvin cosplay 13 dager siden
@Litan_1298 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ does buzzfead even have a safty staff?
Seema Sukhdeo
Seema Sukhdeo 14 dager siden
Buzzfeed really running outta ideas
Toggle 14 dager siden
Wtf a 300 dollar toaster with a clock. Rolex be in troubke
DarkSans_97 14 dager siden
WinCo has a $12 toaster 😂
Arizka K.
Arizka K. 14 dager siden
Umm LaurenZSide made a video using this exact toaster last week X.X
Emily Ann
Emily Ann 14 dager siden
I only clicked on the video to see if anyone else caught this 🙃 Unimpressed to say the least
Himiko Crossing
Himiko Crossing 14 dager siden
@Michael Carnero If you actually look into it, Lauren compared a $30 toaster to a $300 toaster in her video a week ago after she needed to buy a new toaster. The person you're referring to did buy the $300 one but the whole concept of the Trashfeed video being around comparing the $30 to the $300 was Lauren's idea first, reductently meaning they took her idea.
Michael Carnero
Michael Carnero 14 dager siden
um Lil Yachty made a video about this toaster MONTHS ago. what's your point?
Arizka K.
Arizka K. 14 dager siden
@Himiko Crossing yep, as soon as I saw the thumbnail x.x
Himiko Crossing
Himiko Crossing 14 dager siden
You smelled the BS too?
Google Team
Google Team 14 dager siden
hannah whispers
hannah whispers 14 dager siden
Just get a toaster oven
ThatEnglishDude0-0 -0
ThatEnglishDude0-0 -0 14 dager siden
Wow just wait until elon musk makes a 300$ pen
DevKr 14 dager siden
2 views 68 likes noice :)
Pineapple Plays
Pineapple Plays 14 dager siden
This is literally the new Xbox vs the new PS5 in a nutshell
IvanskatesGAW 14 dager siden
The 30 dollar one looks dopee Edit : I meant the 300
Conall Molloy
Conall Molloy 14 dager siden
Thank you for this vital information
Bhavya Saxena
Bhavya Saxena 14 dager siden
So this is what happens when BuzzFeed runs outta ideas. Toaster.
calvin cosplay
calvin cosplay 13 dager siden
i know want a custom made toaster built like how people make custom made PCs
Señor Rómantico
Señor Rómantico 14 dager siden
Fun fact: Tupac said that Jim Carrey was his favorite actor. While Tupac was in jail, Jim Carrey send letters to make him laugh & smile.
Nicolas lopez
Nicolas lopez 14 dager siden
I’m like 100
Viktor Ladvelin
Viktor Ladvelin 14 dager siden
The Joker Fan
The Joker Fan 14 dager siden
@Эдвин Перес I ThiNk tHat wAs A pReTtY IntErEstIng fAct..
Señor Rómantico
Señor Rómantico 14 dager siden
@Эдвин Перес Here you are anyway!
Tobias Steen
Tobias Steen 14 dager siden
I like the new guy
Alex 14 dager siden
Ah yes
dragonlover3 14 dager siden
How are you doing today
yolo duck
yolo duck 14 dager siden
The ultimate battle
72-Hour Beef Wellington
I Tried $800 Sushi Takeout
$7 Picnic Vs. $323 Picnic