Trying Unique Cheese Food Combos: UK Vs. USA 

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6. feb.. 2021





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Danielle S
Danielle S 6 dager siden
That sandwich sounds good af. Salty/sweet always wins.
Danielle S
Danielle S 6 dager siden
also i'm obsessed with those earrings i just realized they're cats!
Thesodadrinkers 9 dager siden
Whos been watching her before Great Big Story shutted down?
Ivana MaryElle
Ivana MaryElle 10 dager siden
I love Beryl! 🙌🏽
Geneviève 12 dager siden
Omg... you just gave me the biggest “young Gen” flash back with your cat earrings ❤️ forgot about those!
Carmen Lin
Carmen Lin 13 dager siden
I truly love how vivacious and energetic Beryl consistently is by all accounts while attempting our these food creations that individuals have explored different aspects regarding. She is exceptionally open to new food combinations and food sources, and she has an easy-going and responsive range, so she is accepting and receptive, kind and mindful, imaginative and extremely social and easygoing and accommodating individual to be with, and extremely lighthearted and casual individual. I feel that since I will in general connect with individuals who are not intense or ruminative about specific topics, I can without much of a stretch coexist with her, despite the fact that I don't have similar interests as her, yet we have a similar drive and motivation, so I simply love seeing someone I can identify with on this stage. I love the way she attempts various plans with a receptive outlook and unjudging heart and she simply attempts and acknowledged everything. She is candid, honest, and is entirely adaptable and changing as far as viewpoint, since she is genuinely somebody who can reform the world and move change, and make an alternate on account of her special perspectives, I totally concur that food is about experimentation and that the state of affairs for food ought to be annulled, or rather diminished, and ought not be so restrictive or limited opportunity for new plans to likewise arise and deliver. We should all things considered, center more around how we can improve and produce new items due to our ingenuity and creativity in this world, regardless of in what we do, whether that is cooking, writing, or singing, we ought to have the option to analysis and branch out to various fields and viewpoints so we can create much more items that will be deserving of attempting or will turn into the new norm and keep on contributing to the world of information and development. Moreover, our reality was assembled dependent based on innovation, all that we have and own is dependent on development itself and creations created by humankind. All in all, is there any valid reason why we shouldn't utilize this attitude and movement all the more frequently in different parts of our life and fields of interests also?
Amanda 13 dager siden
Doritos and peanut butter!
David Thomas
David Thomas 13 dager siden
She looks like she could be Jennifer aniston's younger less attractive sister
OT4xLittleMix 14 dager siden
That golden syrup looks very different to ours
Stephanie Fares
Stephanie Fares 14 dager siden
Berylll 😍😍
Tom Olive
Tom Olive 14 dager siden
As a Brit, I can’t stop thinking, what on earth is that golden syrup??
Adam zaki
Adam zaki 15 dager siden
Cheese and syrup it kinda sounds like cheese cake
Petitchoukin 16 dager siden
My husband loves blackstrap molasses and sharp cheddar sandwiches. I would imagine the golden syrup isn't far from this.
Carlos Rafael C. Arce
Carlos Rafael C. Arce 16 dager siden
WOOW! Beryl is in Buzzfeed as guest! wohoooo!
Olivia Steven
Olivia Steven 16 dager siden
Golden syrup and cheese sounds kinda amazing can’t lie 😂
Lindy Ralph
Lindy Ralph 16 dager siden
That Golden Syrup looks nothing like the Golden Syrup we have in Australia, ours is actually a very dark golden color
Gabriel Lee
Gabriel Lee 11 dager siden
Yeah ours in the uk is much darker and thicker
James 18 dager siden
Apple pie and cheese is an old british combo that they used to eat in the colonial times here as well. Even martha stewart baked an apple pie with cheese in the crusts
Marvel Nerd
Marvel Nerd 18 dager siden
It’s nit I eat green beans and ketchup noooo... noooo. I’d never do that right 😏😂😂😂
Nicola M
Nicola M 18 dager siden
Eh golden is syrup is golden and thicker than that.
M E 18 dager siden
Pogg 18 dager siden
That is the palest golden syrup I've ever seen. To me that looks more like glucose than golden syrup, the latter here is commonly golden in colour, hence the name. The apple and cheese baked in a pie together make complete sense because apples and cheese are so commonly eaten together in Europe.
oh.its.mellissa 18 dager siden
This literally sucked.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 19 dager siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 19 dager siden
Calledon Chase Pillay
Calledon Chase Pillay 19 dager siden
Hey did you move to buzzfeed nowadays btw...?
Jon kay
Jon kay 19 dager siden
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Daiyne McClaughry
Daiyne McClaughry 19 dager siden
I love Lilly so much. They are an absolute treasure and gift to this world, and I can't wait to try this pie!
NightValeBunny 19 dager siden
I love Lily! They’re so stinkin’ cute & awesome.
Korok _king_82
Korok _king_82 20 dager siden
ya ha ha you found me.
xmalx22 20 dager siden
Lily is an absolute PEACH!
Trang Thanh
Trang Thanh 20 dager siden
Why does the painting behind her keep changing in every video? Start from 0:32, you could actually see the paintings changing over and over
Janet N.
Janet N. 20 dager siden
The apple pie with cheese makes total sense! One of my favorite snacks is apple slices with slices of cheese, preferably a sharp cheddar, eaten together. The creamy sharp with tangy sweet is amazing. My grandma used to put sharp cheddar on her waffles, so perhaps I get it from her. :)
Game Start
Game Start 20 dager siden
0:47 for some reason I already knew that who was from UK and who was from USA and I did not find it through the accent.
Katie Ebrecht
Katie Ebrecht 21 dag siden
Stop working your workers to their breaking point
CZN Yeet
CZN Yeet 21 dag siden
That was a cheesy line
Erin Athanassiou
Erin Athanassiou 21 dag siden
I'm in Oz and that golden syrup was SO PALE!!! I'm used to golden syrup being an amber colour. It's a necessary ingredient for our ANZAC biscuits
Chardanay Muarry
Chardanay Muarry 21 dag siden
Hear me out ... sour cream chips with a pb&j 😂😂
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 21 dag siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 21 dag siden
I LOVE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria Jay
Maria Jay 21 dag siden
My mom grew up eating apple pie with a slice of cheddar on it !! Not made combined but added at the end (:
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
FATİH 7 21 dag siden
Kathryn Lewis
Kathryn Lewis 21 dag siden
It reminds me of making pancakes with extra sharp cheddar cheese grated into the mixture
LuluAndMochie 21 dag siden
See her makes me miss great big story 😢
Marianne Wade
Marianne Wade 21 dag siden
Beryl and Buzzfeed is my kind of combo!
Sahara Bites
Sahara Bites 21 dag siden
I'm already salivating, the apple pie and cheese is a bit of me!!
Zoë Georgia
Zoë Georgia 21 dag siden
I will say that that golden syrup does not look very close to uk golden syrup
Zoë Georgia
Zoë Georgia 21 dag siden
and to clarify that golden syrup and cheddar cheese is not a commonality in the uk
Hasif Harith
Hasif Harith 22 dager siden
Wait, are you from great big story
stefoehmen 22 dager siden
you should do that golden syrup sandwich on a stove to melt the cheese like a grilled cheese
There Can Only Be Won
There Can Only Be Won 22 dager siden
Now I wanna try golden syrup
Brooke Anslow
Brooke Anslow 22 dager siden
Who else is from the uk
Daniel Reddy
Daniel Reddy 22 dager siden
Why does she remind me of Jeff Bezos
jino thomas nillapana
jino thomas nillapana 22 dager siden
''cheese and desserts'' you mean cheesecake?
Ameen Baathar
Ameen Baathar 22 dager siden
Look it's a buzz feed
nisha nair
nisha nair 22 dager siden
Its god's own country we neeed kerala
nisha nair
nisha nair 22 dager siden
indian kerala food
nisha nair
nisha nair 22 dager siden
and do kerala food
nisha nair
nisha nair 22 dager siden
bring back worth it!
nisha nair
nisha nair 22 dager siden
i want worth it !!!!
Lukas Justin
Lukas Justin 22 dager siden
Beryl did reveal a behind the scene from this video where she can't taste the flavor of the apple pie...
Kat !
Kat ! 23 dager siden
Because of this video.. I’m not eating string cheese with Rice Krispie treats.. maybe it’s the 2 glasses of wine I had but it’s great lol
Abigail Hall
Abigail Hall 23 dager siden
Cranberry and orange juice
originalsuki 23 dager siden
Our family has always served apple pie with cheddar slices to put on top (might just be a French-Canadian thing). We're also fond of saying, "Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze". My favourite unique combination was discovered by my mother at a Sunday brunch. Her eyes opened very wide as she said, "Try this! Buttered toast with a little orange marmalade, a piece of bacon, topped with a piece of cheddar." Warm, sweet, salty, citrus, creamy... goddamn...
originalsuki 23 dager siden
Oh sh!t... I should have listened to last minute before posting that! Seems Paul Hollywood has heard the saying too.
larry quinn
larry quinn 23 dager siden
She's cute
ajagila 23 dager siden
the ultimate combos = cheese and chocolate
SpongeGuy 23 dager siden
Every time we see Wendy's let's spam comments with "CHILL KAREN."
Dani s
Dani s 23 dager siden
I love this so much, thefatposipunk and beryl is the most unexpected wholesome collab ever
Azrayl Pax
Azrayl Pax 23 dager siden
Watching her try the first recioe I was thinking, that'd probably be pretty good with apple too. Then I saw the next recipe and was like holy crap I'm psychic.
Rachel Hutton
Rachel Hutton 23 dager siden
Interesting that the bread is toasted. What I do is just make a grilled cheese but add honey into it before I cook it. It’s delicious and the hot melty cheese with the honey is *chefs kiss*
Rachel Hutton
Rachel Hutton 21 dag siden
@Ryo Dark ummm YES. Yes it would. 🤤
Ryo Dark
Ryo Dark 22 dager siden
I feel like it would be really good with some slices of fresh green apple too!
lucky 23 dager siden
HOW DARE YOU LEAVE GReat Big StOry? 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧
Kristen Sholes
Kristen Sholes 23 dager siden
wouldn’t it be nice if the recipe was included
Katherine Howle
Katherine Howle 23 dager siden
They posted the recipe in the comments above! :D
Kamya Khurmi
Kamya Khurmi 23 dager siden
Beryl never disappoints.
MistressKiki 23 dager siden
Watching for the wonderful Lily!! 💕💕
mrbear1302 23 dager siden
They eat grilled cheese and maple syrup together in the upper Midwest US.
mrbear1302 20 dager siden
@xmalx22 A friend from MN was the one who tried to get me to try it. lol
xmalx22 20 dager siden
Not in MN, I’m proud to say lol
Christine V
Christine V 24 dager siden
I feel like Sam’s would be good with honey
Christian & Ziya
Christian & Ziya 24 dager siden
I didn’t even know that a Golden syrup was a thing . Never heard of it !
Winter Heart
Winter Heart 20 dager siden
Gregory Wallace-Blair
Gregory Wallace-Blair 24 dager siden
cheese and peanut M&Ms. bizarre but great.
James_ Globio
James_ Globio 24 dager siden
BuzzFeed is Dying lol
Rou Hubbucks
Rou Hubbucks 24 dager siden
Loved this. Lily seems like a total angel its so wonderful to see other fat people kicking ass. What a rockstar.
Rou Hubbucks
Rou Hubbucks 7 dager siden
@Manon R could you please name one health condition which only affects fat people??????
Manon R
Manon R 8 dager siden
It will be less wonderful if she gets sick because of her weight. It's not healthy.
Gonzo Lonzo
Gonzo Lonzo 24 dager siden
The UK one makes more sense tbh
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose 24 dager siden
I saw a few people asking for the recipe for the pie! -Thinly sliced green apples (like 6 or 7?? depends on your dish size) -lemon juice (1 or 2 tablespoons depending on your amount of apples, just make sure they are all covered or they'll brown!) - 1/2 cup sugar - spice to taste (I usually just use a few tablespoons of apple pie spice. nothing fancy) - Flour (about a tablespoon to thicken the filling, up to your preference though) - Sharp white cheddar - Whatever your preferred pie crust is -Make sure the apples/flour/sugar/spices/lemon juice are mixed really well and let them sit while you line your pie dish with dough -Layer the apple and cheddar in the dough (2 or 3 layers of apple for every layer of cheddar is how I prefer, but that's also a matter of preference) -Lay down the top crust (make sure to cut vents!) -Bake at 375 F for about 45 minutes (keep an eye on it because differents crusts may brown differently) -About halfway through the baking process open the oven and lay some slices of cheddar on top of the crust and then let the pie finish baking. You can eat it warm or cold but tbh I think it tastes best warm because I think the textures work well together, but it's also very good cold! My grandma taught me to season the same way she did, by taste and smell so I'm just estimating and the measurements can for sure be tweaked to fit your personal preferences (baking is all about experimenting!) It's not super complex but it reminds me of home. If any of you do end up making it message me on insta at @thefatposipunk, I'd love to see the finished pies!!! It makes my heart happy that people are so interested in my family's recipe.
Drowning Sand
Drowning Sand 13 dager siden
you are SUCH a sweetheart 😭😭
femaletrouble 18 dager siden
Lilly, do you think Gala apples would work for this or is the tartness from the green apples essential?
Lulu Artistika
Lulu Artistika 19 dager siden
Thank you for the recipe Lilly. Love you (L) (L) (L)
TheHonorsKid 19 dager siden
Thank you for this recipe! It looks phenomenal!!
Amy Woods
Amy Woods 23 dager siden
You’re a gem, thank you!
Crushenator500 24 dager siden
Apple pie with a slice of cheese on it is pretty classic, I've never seen it baked in though. I'm sure it's pretty good.
منوعات عراقيه
duckylovespi 24 dager siden
Peanut butter and jam on a hotdog, Bacon wrapped marshmallows, Cinnamon roll inside a tuna sandwich
nuchtchas 24 dager siden
Who else is here for the fatposipunk? Also cheese makes everything better. I can’t think of a thing of doesn’t go with.
PlumPeony 24 dager siden
Omg Lily (thefatposipunk) is one of my FAVORITE people on the internet. Buzzfeed better get her in more videos. I'm going to go make a pie now.
TehWhiteTiger 24 dager siden
The nationalities dont seem relevant here. It's just random people's unusual food combinations.
Anushka Ajmera
Anushka Ajmera 24 dager siden
Beryl rocks 🤘🤘❤❤❤
chxmical_kid 24 dager siden
Lily is amazing!!! I love their energy
est1420 24 dager siden
Well, I pretty much like sweet/salty combo. Cheese with jam, cream cheese and jam, maple syrup on bacon (with pancakes or such). I don't think those are abnormal food combos tbh.
Natasha Graves
Natasha Graves 24 dager siden
I mean a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in syrup sounds good. I love sweet and savory things 😁😁😁
Natasha Graves
Natasha Graves 23 dager siden
@Rachel Hutton ohhh that sounds delicious 😁😁😁 will definitely give it a try 💞💞💞
Rachel Hutton
Rachel Hutton 23 dager siden
Try putting a little honey in your next grilled cheese. It’s honestly so great.
Mazzy E
Mazzy E 24 dager siden
I’m British and have NEVER had syrup and cheese and would like to keep it that way!
h k
h k 24 dager siden
so stoked to see lilly here! i would love to see her in more videos, she's so creative and amazing😍🥰
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