My Viral TikTok Sea Shanty Got Me A Record Deal 

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When a TikTok comment encouraged Nathan Evans to sing a sea shanty, he had no idea that doing so would instigate a world-wide phenomenon and change his life forever. Follow Nathan on TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@nathanevanss Check out Wellerman on iTunes: music.apple.com/gb/album/wellerman-sea-shanty-single/1550191440
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Sea shanty Tik Tok channel goes viral
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13. feb.. 2021





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Chris de Bruin
Chris de Bruin 6 timer siden
yo ass is on the radio in nl
Slofy _
Slofy _ 9 timer siden
The longest johns made the song
Jonah Llanes
Jonah Llanes 10 timer siden
You did well lad
Ibraheem Moizoos
Ibraheem Moizoos 12 timer siden
Bubbles is better
Caiyde 13 timer siden
Was that train used as the Hogwarts Express?
Jaydaa •
Jaydaa • 16 timer siden
I literally am having a sea shanty tik tok ad while I’m typing this
CateDoge 17 timer siden
ayyyo nice
Vanny Nop
Vanny Nop Dag siden
december 27 is next to my bday
flash player
flash player Dag siden
(before this) I fell in love with a version of this that Christopher Bill made and it's my favorite song. pretty epic to see the creator1
Mothy Bun
Mothy Bun Dag siden
I'm so happy he got exactly what he needed. That man needs to have a career in singing
Xxgamer timxX
Xxgamer timxX 2 dager siden
Me and bois sings sea shanty
Sophie de Nijs
Sophie de Nijs 2 dager siden
just replayed the remix ten times in a row! what a bop
miamia aimaim
miamia aimaim 3 dager siden
This sea shanty is now part of my school’s pep band set list for basketball games. (We’re the Sailors, btw)
Faith Jackson Docherty
Fun fact- there’s more than ONE Scottish accent!
Ryota Arai
Ryota Arai 3 dager siden
Awww, good on you son! Happy the internet worked it's magic and looking forward to hearing more of your songs! 😊
Poke Araf
Poke Araf 3 dager siden
Ay I got the sea shanty tik tok ad
Jaka Rina
Jaka Rina 3 dager siden
Because of him i started watching outlander
HavocStream 3 dager siden
The English subtitles is really help tho
Elouise green
Elouise green 4 dager siden
I tried singing ur song but I need more learning so ima watch it over and over
Meka-eel Pather
Meka-eel Pather 4 dager siden
That train looks stitch like the Harry Potter train 🤯
A Ninja's Legacy
A Ninja's Legacy 5 dager siden
Right now we doing the sea shanty for band. Thank you
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 5 dager siden
He sounds so humble!
bla blabla
bla blabla 5 dager siden
wtf i’m close to airdrie
Jb Jaguar
Jb Jaguar 5 dager siden
Yeah... Glasgow is a large and modern city, and Airdrie is a grey industrial town that's nowhere near the sea. I'm skeptical as to whether a single one of those clips at the beginning is actually Scotland, it looks like something from a fantasy TV show or somewhere way out in the islands.
B3NJY X 2 dager siden
It was a sheep and the Harry Potter train
Tom Spencer
Tom Spencer 5 dager siden
Is that why the ad said it started with a postman
Clark Rahman
Clark Rahman 6 dager siden
What a crazy success story that happened just making people happy with some songs.
Ashir Inteser
Ashir Inteser 6 dager siden
That accent makes the interview more interesting.
anoni miti
anoni miti 6 dager siden
Wellerman with bass 🔥🔥🔥
Franziska W.
Franziska W. 6 dager siden
Isnt this train bridge in Harry Potter? 0:15 Nice guy and great singing btw :) I Listen to his wellerman Version a lot :)
katy 15 timer siden
the train bridge that they filmed harry potter at is in scotland
Selma Sila
Selma Sila 6 dager siden
I love the accent ! I'm only used to american , british and austrilian
835 7 dager siden
That very TikTok ad played just before video 😀
Olivia Shanks
Olivia Shanks 7 dager siden
I need a translator to understand English. Lol.
gautham krishna.s
gautham krishna.s 5 dager siden
There's subtitle and iam wondered how you can't understand your first language😂
Stuart B Littley Nolan
i hate tik tok but I’ll allow it
Poppa Ace
Poppa Ace 7 dager siden
Love the accent
Bingo Red Draaz!
Bingo Red Draaz! 7 dager siden
Good on you lad! 🤗
Shantelle King
Shantelle King 7 dager siden
We love to see it.
Hannah Flinkman
Hannah Flinkman 8 dager siden
Great job my guy
chelsea00sacho 9 dager siden
The Scottish accent is my favorite of all English accents. So charming 🥰
Obi Moan
Obi Moan 14 timer siden
Dyl4n 0w3n
Dyl4n 0w3n 6 dager siden
@chelsea00sacho You didn't say out of all accents in the English language you said English accents(e.g Scouse, Cockney, Geordie, Brummie.) Think before you type.
DefaultGODxd 7 dager siden
@Ben Gould pretty much everyone in scotland can speak english, some speak scottish gaelic.
chelsea00sacho 7 dager siden
@Ben Gould 😂😂😂
Ben Gould
Ben Gould 7 dager siden
@chelsea00sacho nah they don’t speak English in Scotland idk what it is but ain’t english
Ian Scott
Ian Scott 9 dager siden
And the opening scenes of "Airdrie" showed Fraserburgh and Aberdeen - nice job!
Bob Stein
Bob Stein 5 dager siden
And were those goats REALLY friends of Nathan Evans?? Clipart is dangerous.
《菲力浦》裵 9 dager siden
he’s so cute
Tasha 9 dager siden
Finally a Scottish person!
you8888 9 dager siden
What happend to hes english
Duke Arroyo
Duke Arroyo 9 dager siden
His accent 😍🤤
scaredy jack
scaredy jack 10 dager siden
I love his Wellerman rendition, super fxcking dope..
Caitlin Purple
Caitlin Purple 10 dager siden
Ohhhh now I understand the SNL sketch
Reen Gracee
Reen Gracee 10 dager siden
These kind of stories are what's just making me like tiktok, the songs and singers.
Liza Simpkins
Liza Simpkins 11 dager siden
I've been trying to memorize the sea shanties it's great
Austin Natwick
Austin Natwick 12 dager siden
Wait a minute did he just say there a music video in the works 🥳
UnbrokenCode 12 dager siden
Ayy scotland
gergerteh 13 dager siden
I don't hear much about the original creators of the song, anyone know much? :)
Ryan Rail
Ryan Rail 13 dager siden
It's not even his song tho 🤣 The Longest Jon's made it up not even a month ago.
animal ASMR
animal ASMR 13 dager siden
You know theres a tik tok about your wellerman singing
Amanda D
Amanda D 14 dager siden
Camila 14 dager siden
The see shanties with your voice and accent are EVERYTHING
M Hulls
M Hulls 14 dager siden
So happy he’s going places, he deserves it and sea shanties are awesome! Pleased he mentioned a brief history of sea shanties and their origins as it will encourage others to learn about them instead of calling them “tik tok songs” as some do. Although I’m sure it’s innocently meant, it makes my blood boil just a tad
gotyournose 14 dager siden
Bruh I get this tiktok ad all the time.
C Night
C Night 14 dager siden
So great to see an Aire boy make it !!
Santiago Ruiz
Santiago Ruiz 14 dager siden
Totally deserved, my man
part 3 DIO
part 3 DIO 16 dager siden
"i've ben singin sence i wos *sex* yiers oldd"
Xenon 16 dager siden
For the first few seconds I thought he was speaking Russian
Captaintrayblox 17 dager siden
He lives not too far from me
Dana Leigh
Dana Leigh 17 dager siden
Congrats to him! Well spoken, confident. Hope he makes the most of this opportunity.
catbeara 17 dager siden
Charlizar 17 dager siden
Never heard of this TikTok 👁👄👁
Beanhead 17 dager siden
user 8 dager siden
Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan 17 dager siden
Catchy people never do good. One hit wonders is all.
Max M. Morgan
Max M. Morgan 17 dager siden
Shanties going main stream!
eyelovelife 17 dager siden
I somehow got roped into ShantyTok when I was down with Covid a couple months ago and I couldn’t be more glad I found it. Pretty sure it helped me retain shreds of my sanity. Thanks, Nathan!🏴‍☠️
Aaradhya Bapna
Aaradhya Bapna 17 dager siden
Damn that accent thiccccccccccc
AQUA GAMERS 17 dager siden
His accent makes me change my sexuality
Herta Schneider
Herta Schneider 17 dager siden
Well yeah of course, he’s gone viral so that company wants to majorly profit off it... Sea shanties are brilliant though, also for bringing people together! Congrats too though! Have a nice safe day all and be kind to others/all!
Shehriar Mohsin
Shehriar Mohsin 17 dager siden
Swiss Roll Baby
Swiss Roll Baby 17 dager siden
I love Wellerman so I'm glad he found the song
Rebecca Rich
Rebecca Rich 17 dager siden
Lol my dad got really into the sea shanty corner of tiktok a while ago and then this became really big and I think he was kinda frustrated all the sea shanties he was seeing were related to this one in some way. I’m a bit shocked how big it got. Good for this guy for finding success from it.
Melting Stream
Melting Stream 17 dager siden
Oooh that's the guy!!
JordansAWolf 18 dager siden
That’s so cool! I liked the song so I went and downloaded it, didn’t realize I downloaded HIS version (I liked it the best lol)
letsgosooners 18 dager siden
The Tendieman!
louisezhuly 18 dager siden
Tbh the most impressive thing besides the actual person in the video is the list of credits in the info section of the video lol
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi 18 dager siden
I first heard Leave Her Johnny from AC:BF. It's my favorite shanty in the entire game.
Ovalfishman Gaming
Ovalfishman Gaming 18 dager siden
BuzzFeed guys are sad
mandy sue
mandy sue 18 dager siden
As Stephen Colbert said. "We need more sea shantys!" I totally agree.
loomonda18 18 dager siden
Aww this is awesome, congrats mate!
Hanif Maulana Widodo
Hanif Maulana Widodo 18 dager siden
I haven't watch/install TikTok but this sea shanties makes me remembered when I playing AC:IV Black Flag and AC Rogue.
angerock49 18 dager siden
Nice editing
K 18 dager siden
Is the story not about the black guy that uploaded a video of his friend or brother in a car singing the Wellerman song. Then those 4 English lads on a night out in tight clothes became a meme. Then someone made a video moving the 4 English lads mouths and added this guy's collab version of the Wellman. Isn't that not the story???
simon hoare
simon hoare 18 dager siden
Gina 18 dager siden
When the ad for this was a TikTok ad with his song/video 😂
Megan Lindsey
Megan Lindsey 18 dager siden
Wow!! Good for him!! That’s amazing.
Harshvardhan Singh
Harshvardhan Singh 18 dager siden
Glasgow is famous for the Glasgow smile or more popularly known as jokers cut face smile
ahub87 18 dager siden
His voice is giving Glenn Campbell tease...I like it
big oof
big oof 18 dager siden
dude this is awesome! i’m so happy for him
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 18 dager siden
“I’m so pretty and he like that” girl need to be on here
Me Me
Me Me 16 dager siden
Meredith Clark
Meredith Clark 18 dager siden
No joke, my choir class spent a whole class dissecting your sea shanty’s.
Meredith Clark
Meredith Clark 8 timer siden
@Alex Thank you. That really means a lot to me. ❤️❤️
Alex 8 timer siden
@Meredith Clark you're a good person meredith clark.
X-WighT14 _
X-WighT14 _ 14 timer siden
@MrNoice By his they mean his take on it. Its obvious that he didnt create the song.
MrNoice Dag siden
not his song lol
E T 18 dager siden
That song gives me serotonin. A lot. Every time I listen to it. Thank you!
Wian Nieuwoudt
Wian Nieuwoudt 18 dager siden
click on my profile
Kyle Holt
Kyle Holt 18 dager siden
Oh wow I actually got on the duet bandwagon on the Wellerman on TikTok. My voice was ok but the others were great.
Ryan Rail
Ryan Rail 13 dager siden
The song isn't even a original shanty the Longest Jon's made it up not even a month ago. The Longest John's should be getting the credit.
Thomas Crown
Thomas Crown 18 dager siden
Scottish folk are such a treasure.
Craig Davidson
Craig Davidson 18 dager siden
Well thank you lad 🤝
Leigh Davis
Leigh Davis 18 dager siden
oooooo he is so cute and i love his accent XD
YUMMY FC 18 dager siden
Just Kiri tingz
Just Kiri tingz 18 dager siden
But he got famous because of a guy who duetted and made his song better and he never gave credit to him
Sea Shanty - SNL
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Mr Beast... I am SO SORRY!