I Made The Discontinued Crystal Pepsi From Scratch 

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I was so preoccupied with whether or not I could, I didn’t stop to think if I should.
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Bright tropical leaf seamless pattern.
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Notebook paper yellow and white. Lined paper
Busta Rhymes Joins The Crystal Pepsi Throwback Tour To Bring Music, Baseball, And Iconic Clear Cola To Fans In New York
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
Busta Rhymes Joins The Crystal Pepsi Throwback Tour To Bring Music, Baseball, And Iconic Clear Cola To Fans In New York
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
Crystal Pepsi Summer of '92 at Terminal 5
Theo Wargo/Getty Images
Set of raccoons bandits
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Plastic bottle set empty with soda beverage and label. Carbonated drink with bubbles in tare flat vector illustration
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8. okt.. 2020





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Kommentarer 100   
TheFiveGuy Måned siden
LA beast felt a disturbance in the force
KingofStuff Måned siden
dont you know your supposed to re filter what you filtered like 12 times lol
R Roman
R Roman 2 måneder siden
No love for pepsi blue 🤔
André Roth
André Roth 3 måneder siden
Id recommend artificial flavours which are not oil based (look for e-cigarette flavourings, as they need to be oil-free) and go from there. This should not only solve your problems but also will let you dial in the taste as you like. Thank me later :)
Doodle Vision
Doodle Vision 3 måneder siden
The name of this segment should be: 🦄🧪🍉“THE GAY SCIENTIST “🌈🔬 🌈🧪🍍🔬👚🧫🍉🧬👚⚗️🍌 Truthfully would actually get a lot of subscribers/views, if it was funny and informative. Professor Silly Beans Professor Mary McFruitcake Professor Sebastian Von Butt-Plug Anyone else I have ideas for his name? Don’t forget to leave “offended,“ liberal comments. Please don’t forget that.
Doodle Vision
Doodle Vision 3 måneder siden
I’m just curious how is the “most notably,“ from 2016? It’s just weird claim.
Porchea Miranda
Porchea Miranda 3 måneder siden
I want to be his friend
David Thomas
David Thomas 3 måneder siden
The LA beast has left the chat
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 3 måneder siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 3 måneder siden
———————- 3 måneder siden
One mad scientist indeed
Kayleigh-marie Newland
Kayleigh-marie Newland 3 måneder siden
The coconut oil hardened over the ice thats why it was sat at the top
R 3 måneder siden
he needs his own series! this and the hot sauce video are the best thing from buzzfeed in a while!!! Def needs his own do it your self experiment series!!!
PiercedBitxh Aila
PiercedBitxh Aila 3 måneder siden
Has anyone else noticed that Pepsi has a dirt after taste?
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 3 måneder siden
CLEAR PEPSI!!!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 3 måneder siden
Erudessa22 3 måneder siden
Alcohol isn't an emulsifier, it's a cosolvent. You'll need a true emulsifier like gum arabic or lecithin, specifically so it won't boil off. Otherwise the principle is sound.
venom5809 3 måneder siden
The better question is why would anyone want to recreate Crystal Pepsi? It was awful.
No name 29
No name 29 3 måneder siden
Next project :How to make crystal meth from scratch
Zen Yorkfield
Zen Yorkfield 3 måneder siden
A Brita Filter would probably do the job.
Alisha tripathi
Alisha tripathi 3 måneder siden
Crystal Pepsi is literally Sprite
Vincent Trevino
Vincent Trevino 3 måneder siden
Run the pepsi through an activated carbon/charcoal filter cartridge or filter media mesh bag full of either one for aquariums. Or a Brita filter- they both would’ve taken out the caramel color lol. The Aquarist side of NOsections knows this because of tannins coming from driftwood. The only thing is the brita filter would take out basically all of the carbonation and taste though so you’d need to recarbonate it with a soda stream and you’d end up with a bland soda.
Art Aizen
Art Aizen 3 måneder siden
damn you package thief
Cruz Samaniego
Cruz Samaniego 3 måneder siden
U know he gay af, only way he could describe it was w top and bottoms,
Mohamed géo
Mohamed géo 3 måneder siden
the good guide is worked in v8.80 my concern it's *RAZORVIEWS* *COM*
Ylies aknian
Ylies aknian 3 måneder siden
the good guide has worked in v3.42 my concern it's *RAZORVIEWS* *COM*
Dennis Taylor 3
Dennis Taylor 3 3 måneder siden
I'm sorry but LA beast already did this
Blackhippy812 3 måneder siden
everytime he said crystal pepsi i thought he was going to say crystal meth
Have a nice day
Have a nice day 3 måneder siden
You know they brought it back a couple years ago for a bit.
TomZ1272 3 måneder siden
This dude is fuckin annoying
Matthias Knutzen
Matthias Knutzen 3 måneder siden
U used to little milk there was unmixed pepsi at the bottom
Elaine O Donovan
Elaine O Donovan 3 måneder siden
So this is where dad went when he said he was going to the shops
Schwetha !!!
Schwetha !!! 3 måneder siden
Did anyone else see the "corona extract" in the background at 8:09 ?
Cornbreadfed Eb
Cornbreadfed Eb 3 måneder siden
I want him and josh from gmm to make a video.
S BALLET 3 måneder siden
I want to see Dakota make kool aid 😂 only a few people will get this
NyandaKun 3 måneder siden
This guy looks like a Bachelor scientist
BHUSAN MUNANKAMI 3 måneder siden
Few days have gone by and we still haven't heard from him.
Richi Munshi
Richi Munshi 3 måneder siden
Quality - 1🥛: 1 🥤- radio
alex smith
alex smith 3 måneder siden
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 3 måneder siden
When you boil the sugar syrup and add the emulsion of alcohol and oil, the alcohol will burn off, thus removing your emulsifying agent. When it cools, the oil will separate.
subodh pangyani
subodh pangyani 3 måneder siden
Little bit of science 😂😂😂
Lipqlossedツ 3 måneder siden
@ 8:00 like if u noticed corona extra behind him
Natalie G
Natalie G 3 måneder siden
Can't you just put it through a brita filter a few times to have it go clear?
daidai907 3 måneder siden
I remember the first time I tried Crystal Pepsi was back in 1994 on a school field trip. We weren't allowed to pack soda in our lunches so one of my classmates came up with the genius idea to just peel the label off the bottle so it looked like a water bottle. Lol
Alfonso Viquez
Alfonso Viquez 3 måneder siden
If you ever try this again try steeping your spices in a strong alcohol instead. Coconut oil is a fixed oil, which is very different from essential oils. Essential oils are actually 100% soluble in alcohol and also easier to emulsify in water.
Gabrielle Tollerson
Gabrielle Tollerson 3 måneder siden
there was a variety of interesting soda flavors,sad that they took them away,they sounded good 😄
Serenity Sosa
Serenity Sosa 3 måneder siden
"It's like regular Pepsi but clear!"
MnMn Bahr.
MnMn Bahr. 3 måneder siden
I cant
Rachel Bonura
Rachel Bonura 3 måneder siden
you remind me of a younger hank green
Evana Sexy Call Girl
Evana Sexy Call Girl 3 måneder siden
Hii Guys Come on i am sexy girl...i need a Boy Friend...💄💋👄
Chloe Broadbent
Chloe Broadbent 3 måneder siden
the way 2020 is going, we don’t need crystal pepsi, we need damn crystal meth
Callum Martin
Callum Martin 3 måneder siden
Can we have the same for Crystal meth please?
sibtain ali
sibtain ali 3 måneder siden
2:02 dude don't diss *Dodh Soda* like that.
KFK Everycolour
KFK Everycolour 3 måneder siden
KFK Everycolour
KFK Everycolour 3 måneder siden
IntrovertTaciturn 3 måneder siden
Just get a Sprite. lol
dumble T's
dumble T's 3 måneder siden
LA beast will be pleased.
Aazizul Zaim
Aazizul Zaim 3 måneder siden
Do homemade crystal Meth next
Ella B Rainbow magic
Ella B Rainbow magic 3 måneder siden
Hello can u help a NOsections her names Georgia productions I love her videos she’s so funny and she’s trying to hit one million believe me go check her out u won’t be disappointed!
Hermyoni 3 måneder siden
So this is pretty much Mythical Kitchen right??
Logan Evans
Logan Evans 3 måneder siden
When are you gonna do more draw offs
coolduderick25 3 måneder siden
I don’t know if BuzzFeedVideo checks the comments but you guys could have tried putting Pepsi through a brita filter and gotten good results
Jake Boi
Jake Boi 3 måneder siden
LA beast has entered the chat
EmperorOfSomething 3 måneder siden
No disrespect to this dude, but I really would love to see a chemist of some sort try this out.
EatingAdventures 3 måneder siden
Looks like Sprite
Angela Martinez
Angela Martinez 3 måneder siden
sum quality content
Bobbi-Leigh Storey
Bobbi-Leigh Storey 3 måneder siden
I keep thinking your about to say Crystal meth 🥰
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 3 måneder siden
Pepsi clear was bad man. It was more than clear Pepsi. It had a different taste I feel and that taste was no bueno.
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 3 måneder siden
Dakota is too wholesome and precious for this world. We do not deserve this sweet sweet boy.
Victoria Mahon
Victoria Mahon 3 måneder siden
Instead of trying to create the flavoring syrup with oil you should’ve just use a bit of corn syrup. If you were to let it all soak and then strain it you would get the flavors and you wouldn’t necessarily need to let it go for a full month. A couple of days would work and then you wouldn’t need to worry about it separating. Professional soda companies have additives that makes the oil blend with the water and you cannot replicate that at home instead just work with the corn syrup which will dilute into the soda easier.
basilwhite 3 måneder siden
Next time pour the cola into a plastic container, freeze it and scrape off the congealed oil
Victoria Mahon
Victoria Mahon 3 måneder siden
Skip this crap and just buy some on eBay there’s some for sale right now
Mystic Star
Mystic Star 3 måneder siden
I would absolutely love it if you could also make blue pepsi
bradley lewis
bradley lewis 3 måneder siden
Will sell the bottle I have from 2016
Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim 3 måneder siden
nilered is that you?
OliviasAnimation 3 måneder siden
They brought back crystal pepsi about 4 years ago for a couple months. It weirdly tasted like ginger ale to me.
GrayWoIf 3 måneder siden
Make new coke
Aleighde Pulga
Aleighde Pulga 3 måneder siden
Sprite anyone?
itsZartex 3 måneder siden
That’s most people after watching breaking bad haha!
P G 3 måneder siden
This guy. I like this guy!
ドキドキ文芸部! 3 måneder siden
La beast has entered the chat
Jacob Larson
Jacob Larson 3 måneder siden
You can't even credit the idea from LAbeast? Niceeee Edit: Skippy62able is the channel they took this idea from
recoil53 3 måneder siden
@Jacob Larson I looked up how to make it and found a forum post from 2003. That's how I knew it was older than NOsections. It's not a new idea, not even when LA Beast did it. Barely done doesn't mean never done. Also this guy recreated an old hot sauce recipe his father had. It's not outlandish that he tries to recreate something else from his younger years.
Jacob Larson
Jacob Larson 3 måneder siden
@recoil53 look up "making crystal pepsi" then. There's only one result for it, barely done at all.
recoil53 3 måneder siden
The idea is older than NOsections.
OD_Clipz 101
OD_Clipz 101 3 måneder siden
To the person that reading this: You’re very intelligent and an awesome human! Stay healthy during quarantine:) My dream is to have 10k. i’ve been struggling, please help:):)
Jason M
Jason M 3 måneder siden
I would rather drink a glass of 3 day old moldy diarrhea from Charlie Sheen than drink any Pepsi products.
EvoLifeSword 3 måneder siden
Should've collaborated with NileRed
Enkhlen 3 måneder siden
lol, what the next 1k comment... It's so weird not seeing a comment with a thousand likes at the top of the comments lololol
GeovannieLive 3 måneder siden
I have a 24pac of 20oz I can give u some
Carson Almighty
Carson Almighty 3 måneder siden
Bo Burnham Jr?
Antonio G.
Antonio G. 3 måneder siden
When you do Pepsi blue you let me know
HelloItsVG 3 måneder siden
Coca or Pepsi?
Some Yolo
Some Yolo 3 måneder siden
Coca of course
Kael2k 3 måneder siden
hey vg, i see that you live through buzzfeed/tasty through pandemic too
Lili m
Lili m 3 måneder siden
Coca cola of course.
Kavya S
Kavya S 3 måneder siden
I prefer thumbs up actually.
rupa Cheruvu
rupa Cheruvu 3 måneder siden
E 3 måneder siden
We have that In Danmark, a Company called Frem makes them
H6348 LEMON 3 måneder siden
buy a sprite
Connor B
Connor B 3 måneder siden
Seen this on so many small channels lol its almost like they stole the idea oh its buzzfeed? Forget the almost
N S 3 måneder siden
They really ran out of ideas and googled LA beast videos..
N S 3 måneder siden
La beast did it already
BA Kende
BA Kende 3 måneder siden
I think your problem is you used an oil that gets hard at room temperature. If you had used say olive oil, you wouldn't have had so much of the oil hardening and clumping.
BA Kende
BA Kende 3 måneder siden
@recoil53 that would work as well, I only used olive oil as an example because it stays liquid.
recoil53 3 måneder siden
Olive oil has it's own taste. "Vegetable Oil" is highly processed and shouldn't have it's own flavor.
Dakota Deady
Dakota Deady 3 måneder siden
Yeah. I realized that after the fact but yanno... Next time!
Praise Shotunde
Praise Shotunde 3 måneder siden
So he basically just set out to create the white version of Pepsi...
recoil53 3 måneder siden
That's America.
Julian 3 måneder siden
LA Beast wants to know your location
recoil53 3 måneder siden
He wasn't the first, so who cares?
Sophie Marin
Sophie Marin 3 måneder siden
I know another crystal that can be made at home!
OOF 3 måneder siden
The grinding literally did nothing he just grinded the powder not even the peels or coriander seeds
Del Sierra
Del Sierra 3 måneder siden
Likely much done off cam XD
Beko 44
Beko 44 3 måneder siden
Wait thats illegal
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