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Is TikTok Spying On You?
15 dager siden
I Went To Disney Jail
22 dager siden
ATEEZ Plays Who's Who
Måned siden
Hahahahahaha ;
Hahahahahaha ; 12 timer siden
i really want to see a reaction video but it will probably come out after 18 years
Ashley Mansker
Ashley Mansker 12 timer siden
👁 👁 👃🏻 👄 by the way I did not mean to copy I just did this for laughs
Bean Jean
Bean Jean 12 timer siden
Isn't google's voice type terrible already
Theodore George Alexander Mcquillan Engelbrektskolan 7D
roflmao is where the party is at
Bageda 12 timer siden
Soooo why is he outside of prison?
Olivia Carey
Olivia Carey 13 timer siden
Kind of over how Buzzfeed capitalizes on the hyper-personal content of their employees’ lives... Obvs she did this willingly! But I know other employees have have attested to the pressure of everything being fair game when it comes to making videos.
JudyGarlandFan69 13 timer siden
Ok but what if he sees it before he's 18-
KERALA. 9 13 timer siden
karthik kerala🔥🔥🔥😀😀😀
OujitenshoOfficial 13 timer siden
She doesn’t taste anything so maybe she should get a COVID test 😭
Runaway Royalty
Runaway Royalty 13 timer siden
“Hi my name is Trent I’m 18 and in kindergarten”
Runaway Royalty
Runaway Royalty 13 timer siden
Runaway Royalty
Runaway Royalty 13 timer siden
Jesus loves all
Runaway Royalty
Runaway Royalty 13 timer siden
And Amelia threatened me (idk why everyone in my dreams are the opposite of real life)
Runaway Royalty
Runaway Royalty 13 timer siden
@Runaway Royalty no you
Runaway Royalty
Runaway Royalty 13 timer siden
@Runaway Royalty shut up
Fölnagy Zoltán
Fölnagy Zoltán 13 timer siden
Ez az ember egy legenda!
Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me
I would be so happy to receive a cat
Stinky Wizzleteats
Stinky Wizzleteats 13 timer siden
"Have you ever killed someone?" "Well yes, but no."
mika 13 timer siden
anyways pro lifers yall can choke . women, your body, your choice !!
Kyle Smuth
Kyle Smuth 13 timer siden
Vegans watch dogs eat rabbit
M. Mehd Bhatti
M. Mehd Bhatti 13 timer siden
Yall should focus on education instead of running away from it
Ultraexe 13 timer siden
I’m guessing Africa isn’t part of the world 😩😠
Subarnarekha Debnath
Subarnarekha Debnath 13 timer siden
3:56 that's a cute sound ☺️
Pezac 13 timer siden
shouldnt he still be in jail
Platinum Aether
Platinum Aether 13 timer siden
Y’all didn’t even tag the narrator sad
Sunshine Flowers
Sunshine Flowers 13 timer siden
Watch on the back of your eyelids? Well I can tell someone watches black mirror 😂
123. 4567
123. 4567 13 timer siden
All her jokes cought me offguard 😂
Ma. Eloisa San Diego
Ma. Eloisa San Diego 13 timer siden
The fact that neither of my parents have no idea what to name me that one of the staff in the hospital literally just told them that who ever would pay the hospital bill name me after them… and here I am, I like my name I just don't like writing it normally (I usually write it in Caps lock) since it bothers me how uneven it is…
Adrianna Parke
Adrianna Parke 13 timer siden
Platinum Aether
Platinum Aether 13 timer siden
The one buzzfeed video I’ll watch only cuz zefrank1 is the narrator Edit: seriously y’all didn’t even tag the narrator? Sad
조현민 13 timer siden
the conflict on whether Christianity should be more strict or soft in this secular society is crazy. although I think being more strict is better in some ways, if religions have strict rules, I highly doubt that the community is going to grow
Rachel Kian
Rachel Kian 13 timer siden
people are still roasting him in the comments. good try people 😂
Pawan 13 timer siden
She got 500000 dollars
Subarnarekha Debnath
Subarnarekha Debnath 13 timer siden
Coincidentally, it was recommended to me on mother's Day 2021, (ㆁωㆁ)
Estri Cinta
Estri Cinta 13 timer siden
i missss keiraaaa❤️
eren 13 timer siden
I know this little trick for people struggling with languages like spanish french and stuff. But if you want to know, get my attention 😏.
rekha paudel
rekha paudel 13 timer siden
Twist: actually they were catheters and you’re pretending that they like cats
The Currie’s
The Currie’s 13 timer siden
Can’t here my name.Standing on a dock I am a male wearing a top hat.I hear a tree falling down. I fall in water something keeps me down then everything goes black and people are screaming like there is a war. Guess that’s my past life
Hamza Rauf
Hamza Rauf 13 timer siden
"Careful, she's a hero"
Yee T
Yee T 13 timer siden
Jesus loves You
Liz Darden
Liz Darden 13 timer siden
I put this on my saved list so that in 18 years I can compare his reaction to this. If I’m here lol
natsukashii love
natsukashii love 13 timer siden
didn't she accidentally reveal her baby's name? 👀
Kevin Banyu Ami
Kevin Banyu Ami 13 timer siden
I search the cutest waifu and got this
Angel Juliet
Angel Juliet 13 timer siden
You are the best you can be for you. Don’t feel like you need to be anything or do anything other than what you feel right. Good luck out there baby isn’t his crazy word, but know your mother loves you no matter what.
Amal Alshuwaikh
Amal Alshuwaikh 13 timer siden
I am a medical intern and this isnt ok, normal is what u r born with, there is no size fits all sorta thing in human body..... no one should make you feel bad about ur body..... it made me angry that the doctors were not only uncomfortable.... but also didn’t know what normal is (in case it was missed the first time, the uvalva ur born with is the normal one)
Goblue2 13 timer siden
Wtf is my 18th birthday today lmfao
Angel Juliet
Angel Juliet 13 timer siden
Happy Mother’s Day mom!
lakshmivallabh 13 timer siden
0:48 haha
lakshmivallabh 13 timer siden
let's begin
let's begin 13 timer siden
Who else need math chop?
valikny 13 timer siden
1:45 Sorry but that is not Bravas
Itz shark
Itz shark 13 timer siden
in srilanka a still developing country teachers dont know a lot of stuff and teachers open a zoom meeting and does the teaching and dont use cloud aaaand we speak in a differnt language so that auto typing doesnt work properly and the language is sinhala leave a like if you read the comment and know or heard about the language