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$1 Candy Around The World
15 dager siden
TWICE Plays Who's Who
Måned siden
Angelica Barnes
Angelica Barnes 20 timer siden
What song is at 2:29
Taeshi 20 timer siden
It's not about china or bats diseases can be also developed from chicken or pigs or anything we never know. And who offend Chinese for eating bats lemme tell u guys eat beef as an Indian it's an sin so we can also do the same!
Rome Is Burning
Rome Is Burning 20 timer siden
This woman is not a Christian lol what a joke
Kamrunissa Shaikh
Kamrunissa Shaikh 20 timer siden
France be like:baguette
Frankie G
Frankie G 20 timer siden
with all the jobs he had, Im pretty sure now thay he is jhonny sins grand pa.
GelaiDG 20 timer siden
Grilled tuna collar is my favorites. Anybody who says it's a trash part doesn't know tuna.It's where all fatty fatty goodness resides. I appreciate those Ahi Assassins.
Rayyan  the gaming
Rayyan the gaming 21 time siden
Go to Malaysia and buy burger
Satvik Mittal
Satvik Mittal 21 time siden
The man in the thumbnail... Will become Vin diesel the day he shaves his hair and beard
light ammo
light ammo 21 time siden
Everybody upbeat music Wendy's music from the conjuring
Hailie Dwyer
Hailie Dwyer 21 time siden
Is this even a a question on who won 🥇
Anishka Roy
Anishka Roy 21 time siden
Mom in progress
Lady Hawk
Lady Hawk 21 time siden
There is no god, and if there is he is a sadistic prick who gets off on the pain and sorrow of others. He loves death and suffering, he invented love so he can watch the panic of loss. He supposedly gave us this life, this short , violent , diseased , rotting , aging life., With death always looming in the background. No , I do not believe in any god.
Danish h
Danish h 21 time siden
And this video proved that people who hate cats don't even know how interact with them properly lmfao
Danish h
Danish h 21 time siden
Istg dog person who hate cats is one the most insufferable type of person ever lmfao
krishna Mohanty
krishna Mohanty 21 time siden
Now I am going to cut each and everything in my house🤣🤣🤣😅
look Idk
look Idk 21 time siden
Yo I just need to let this out. I just realized that i am prejudiced. I find watching this video uncomfortabke but the video about Eli's Dad as entertaining. Just proves that there is still so much i need to improve about myself.
Merina D
Merina D 21 time siden
No wait , they didn't have any student that said they're gonna marry the teacher some day?😭or the one who calls the female teachers mom.
wakeybakey 21 time siden
jason’s spongebob looks so badass
Wendi Baxer
Wendi Baxer 21 time siden
I’ve seen it I’ve lived with it and I never want to live that long ever
Salman 21 time siden
Wendi Baxer
Wendi Baxer 21 time siden
The reason their families leave them is because they’re impossible they treat them the worst is that know what I thinks going to happen well you get what you got coming to you
Wendi Baxer
Wendi Baxer 21 time siden
You are very special people very special because I couldn’t do it I’m not gonna do it and I will never be a burden to my family or anybody else like that and it seems like to me but if he’s people know that that was happening and surely they did surely they know they were forgetting stuff surely A person knows I think I would when I couldn’t remember stuff when it was in the beginning when I forgot how to go P I would have to say it’s a done
Mlle Narr
Mlle Narr 21 time siden
I love pandesal. So many countries to choose from. Thank you for including Philippines.
Wendi Baxer
Wendi Baxer 21 time siden
I’ve seen it and I’ve lived with it people are still in their right mind and do not have your job should not have to do it it is too damn hard gave him some medicine tell him to sit down somewhere when they’re no good to society anymore I know people aren’t I’m gonna be all one day I know that but I’m not gonna be a burden on somebody because when I know I’m getting that way I’ll take myself out
Nur Nina
Nur Nina 21 time siden
Really wish Malaysia would be involved too! 😭
Lightning 21 time siden
Is the titke a bit racist?
Emily Chang
Emily Chang 21 time siden
0:52 The Office cosplay
SeeKo 21 time siden
Should be called “Watch It”
Frank Gruzlewski
Frank Gruzlewski 21 time siden
Poland: Paczki (jam filled doughnuts)
Abira 21 time siden
I’m still waiting for the next episode 🥲
10th class Boards
10th class Boards 21 time siden
This audio function is not working in my laptop can anybody know the reason
Diksha Patil
Diksha Patil 21 time siden
That fried rice paper looks like the rice papad we make here in India
Monique Tigere
Monique Tigere 21 time siden
The way the first lady spoke😂 she's so good at story telling!
Gloom 21 time siden
I haven’t felt hunger in ages and this haven’t helped . I think I’m dying lmao
Gacha_Fox07 21 time siden
I don’t know any Disney princesses
viktoria’s nightmares
2:12 yup, Finnish and Scandinavian people are the hot people
Nero Steel
Nero Steel 21 time siden
I wonder how big effect the placebo is having in these people, then again I had a quarter of a litre of Coca Cola last night (because caffeine helps with cramps after working out too hard) but I spent most of the night awake as a side effect (and I was not expecting it) so there is that
Zhean Abella
Zhean Abella 21 time siden
2021 still watching!
Floppy Disk
Floppy Disk 21 time siden
Kaum rebahan.
mochi lochi
mochi lochi 21 time siden
“just stay on the couch” girl please, you stay on the couch. you’re the one who messed up
Manish Thakur
Manish Thakur 21 time siden
Just add cheese and they'll love it
Lyn Saenz
Lyn Saenz 21 time siden
A big thanks to the cop or member of the police department who took his mugshot and posted it.
Radu Mincu
Radu Mincu 21 time siden
i thought it said Black Dads Try Other Black Dads' BBC😐
Raé 21 time siden
Nahiya tuloy ako. Cheap ng lugar namin ahhahaha
Jesse Fett
Jesse Fett 21 time siden
A little bit of advice: Never EVER order McGriddles between Noon and 7 AM. At the McDonald's I worked at, McGriddles were made way ahead of time and placed in an unopened container at room temperature for hours upon hours. When someone order a McGriddle, we just popped it the microwave and that was that. We rarely made another batch of McGriddles after 12 PM, so those babies were just being exposed to the elements for hours and hours by the time someone would order it at like 5 PM
Izzati Hassan
Izzati Hassan 21 time siden
I feel bad about genuinely nice people named Karen, what if she had to voice a genuine complaint? People would scoff it off like 'oh SURE, Karen.'
azka saqib
azka saqib 21 time siden
The Japanese bread reminds me of doracakes from the show doremon
edwin 21 time siden
It gets better the deeper you go...mmm✨
Emily Chang
Emily Chang 21 time siden
I’m so happy for mr and mrs three
jkmattp Colorado
jkmattp Colorado 21 time siden
She's still in love with him.....
Wan K
Wan K 22 timer siden
Wait until career day at school..
Lazna 22 timer siden
1:12 wait wait I can't be thinking something else alone
Pixel Pudding 39
Pixel Pudding 39 22 timer siden
“It’s really difficult” You placed 4 blocks but ok
Liz Clark
Liz Clark 22 timer siden
I am so sorry for you
Meine Aria
Meine Aria 22 timer siden
Wtf i miss living in Turkey
qk 22 timer siden
good times
Jagat Singh
Jagat Singh 22 timer siden
Need Assamese, Garo , Bodo, Khasi,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sabina N Gahara
Sabina N Gahara 22 timer siden
Rambut nenek is hands downn the best childhood treat everrr i love it so so much
Queen Dora
Queen Dora 22 timer siden
I tried the grilled cheese one once,now my toaster is broken
Irvin Walkes
Irvin Walkes 22 timer siden
at some point people want to know what they have in them, most are afraid to find out. You opened that door now you know. Loved that you did that man.
Natural 22 timer siden
“Risk it all” Bro all you’re doing is eating an apple
Masha’s Vibes
Masha’s Vibes 22 timer siden
Is thag gabbie hannah? Lmaaaaao
Siphiwe Sosibo
Siphiwe Sosibo 22 timer siden
??? Not life path🙄
Christian Faustinorio
Christian Faustinorio 22 timer siden
5:38 this looks so good. I want to taste one.
Marlon Matthew D. Nolasco
Bigger the better! I wanna and love to eat and finish the whole thing!
Shayne Playz
Shayne Playz 22 timer siden
Naruto is not a cartoon its an anime
tt 22 timer siden
I like jungkook day and jimin day and v day
KGB 22 timer siden
Do they leave the food after tasting
i hate snakeu
i hate snakeu 22 timer siden
is it just me or TAN real beautiful.....(im not lesb)
MattManh42 22 timer siden
In terms of geography the map is wrong, as kaliningrad is perceived as water
Nimits 22 timer siden
Blvich, wtf
Oscar L-h
Oscar L-h 22 timer siden
Are we not going to talk about his dads fckn dunk
my my
my my 22 timer siden
"If you never been told how you gotta be What you gotta wear, how you gotta speak If you never shouted to be heard You ain't lived in a woman's world And if you can't see that it's gotta change Only want the body, but not the brains If you think that's the way it works You ain't lived in a woman's world, no" -Little Mix, Woman's World(from LM5)