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TWICE Plays Who's Who
Dag siden
I Ate Like BTS For A Week
Måned siden
Do Tongue Scrapers Work?
Måned siden
Caroline Large
Caroline Large 5 timer siden
Are we not gonna talk about the box of tampons that was supposed to make us think it was cake?! Like why would someone make a tampon cake?!
Tajrian Binta Jahid
Tajrian Binta Jahid 5 timer siden
Bangladesh: Handmade "gorom gorom ruti/porota" and "dal sobji bhaji" mixxx hehe ! :3
Swapnabit Das
Swapnabit Das 5 timer siden
thank you
Ayush Prabhakar
Ayush Prabhakar 5 timer siden
just a friendly reminder "Ryan started the fayaaa!!!!"
MattRides 5 timer siden
Anyone here vc of yes theory
Adam 5 timer siden
Indomie is not ramen, indomie never make ramen
blythe 5 timer siden
I'm also a sibling. Kudos for creating this video! I just wanted to say that it's about time we change the term "high/low functioning." What do you mean by "functioning"? They're not robots.
I wrote this comment about
Why would teachers not want students knowing about this stuff? Not sure I get the point.
your mom
your mom 5 timer siden
High school lunch is horrible if I had a choice I would not have eat it
Tasha Williams
Tasha Williams 5 timer siden
Try 48 hrs straight.
♡butterflyplays♡ 5 timer siden
I'm sorry for your loss my grandpa's really sick and weak I hope he feels better- he's in the hospital right now
Ranganath N
Ranganath N 5 timer siden
In which bocument
Fhyron Jay Miro
Fhyron Jay Miro 5 timer siden
do in philipins america africa taiwan honkong and canada at par two :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))(●'◡'●)
Gingercore 5 timer siden
Just look at MINA. She's like the owner of one big company 😅😅
Aira Th
Aira Th 5 timer siden
That leo... is such a leo
Passport Stamps Pete
Passport Stamps Pete 5 timer siden
I wish they would’ve made that lotion squirt cream
David K
David K 5 timer siden
Georgian xachapuri
Jared Washington
Jared Washington 5 timer siden
Her shirt is hecking awesome! Where can I get a shirt like that? 👀👀
Aakreeti Yumnam
Aakreeti Yumnam 5 timer siden
"You continue to love looking at the strange baby in th mirror" Me um so i said myself strange🙄
edgypatch 5 timer siden
Gross India
Tapasya Deshmukh
Tapasya Deshmukh 5 timer siden
Who are they to judge our food😠😠😤
1eagleeyez 5 timer siden
That short haired Asian girl face should be blurred out if they keep having her on.
Mario Figo
Mario Figo 5 timer siden
steamed pork look nice
Jen 5 timer siden
I never thought Quinta's "Why I Left BuzzFeed" would be on BuzzFeed...
Erison Souza
Erison Souza 5 timer siden
I never bullied this girl, but I've seen some hate when the video went viral. I legit thought she was a rich spoiled girl that got some good connections in the music industry and seeing this video says a lot about not judging a book by it's cover
Adele K.
Adele K. 5 timer siden
$1 dollars food street in the world... yes in the 4 continents except in Africa. You missed the opportunity to show great african street food. Next time please don't forget (or ignore) it 😉.
Jennifer Sheridan
Jennifer Sheridan 5 timer siden
This is exactly what teachers want students to know. This is part of universal design of learning
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 6 timer siden
Dang they look so different
StrawberryWafer123! 6 timer siden
When you're parents are divorced and you come home to your dog at another house...and just to make is worse your siblings get to go to your favorite theme park when you're at your mom's house, and you haven't been close with your friends lately and your mom's bf makes homophobic jokes and your mom laughs EVEN WHEN YOU'RE OUT!!!: It's not that hard 🙄 jeez
꧁ The Deer Queen Youtuße ꧂
Now we can officially say we were all babies for 2 minutes
pamela nichols
pamela nichols 6 timer siden
You are wonderful son ,I might trade one of mine for you
Crist L O
Crist L O 6 timer siden
Guacamole!? 🤢Are u kidding me!? 🙄
Ssen Faji
Ssen Faji 6 timer siden
When father and son fighting mother said don't fight. . . Hahahah❤❤❤love to see them all
Indian food is very delicious
Jaime Renteria
Jaime Renteria 6 timer siden
That's my lol. 2012 if u know u know lmao 🤣😂
Daniel Montofre
Daniel Montofre 6 timer siden
People keep bulling me at school becuse i have buckteeth : it do not matter what you look out said it what in siad. FROM diego montofre love you guys
Alice Scott
Alice Scott 6 timer siden
Omg a whole back story lmao 🤣 I had a friend called Karen and poor thing changed her name (yes she is white) well she stopped going to Starbucks as one person started recording her "just incase she started" which she ain't like that but she seems happier now tbf as she got to pick her name.
Kingduk 1
Kingduk 1 6 timer siden
They got madden mobile music playing in the background of the kfc sandwich
Melanie L
Melanie L 6 timer siden
Oh I love Alton!
jessica ferland
jessica ferland 6 timer siden
this is the first time anything has stopped an anxiety attack , i can sense an anxiety attack hours before it happens , this video make me feel so much better , as soon as the nausea sets in that’s when the panic starts and i feel as if it’s never going to end :/
Randy 6 timer siden
1:03 Bruh, the black SUV is triggering me
Jamie Forever
Jamie Forever 6 timer siden
Sorry but coby kinda looks scary cuz blue eyes are scary in my opinion lol. Looks kinda mean- I know that only toxic and salty people will attack me, but you have your opinions, let me have mine :)))))))))))
ssj2camaro21 6 timer siden
Whats the point of the video? We all know, no two people cook the same.....
Patrick Harrison
Patrick Harrison 6 timer siden
The cowardly feedback traditionally disarm because oil startlingly preserve sans a abandoned dinner. disastrous, naughty denim
Hm M
Hm M 6 timer siden
A comedian dream
Citra Adinda p d
Citra Adinda p d 6 timer siden
shiro182 6 timer siden
Wow with her original nose she looked like Zhou Jieqiong. How odd society tricks us into thinking we're not good enough. She's still gorgeous. I'm glad everything is resolved now.
Hana Muhamed
Hana Muhamed 6 timer siden
Umm ali mean the mother of ali
Leon Ng
Leon Ng 6 timer siden
This cat is the David Beckham or Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise equivalent in the cat's world. :D
TheNavyBomb 6 timer siden
I may be a meat eater, but that meat locker looks disgusting.....
Heal the world For a better place
Same with me. My dad died when I was 3. I can barely remember everything. Im turning 22 this year. I can’t imagine my life if he’s still living. What I have right now are only those vivid memories and pictures. Maybe in another multiverse. Another time and place.
DK 6 timer siden
His laugh is something else. I like it.
neversaygoodbye 6 timer siden
Eugene probably felt uncomfortable being the dominant one in this- one: he’s gay. Two: he probably felt uncomfortable “hitting” a woman. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But Ned whacking the crap out of Keith, and Keith yelling at him had me cracking up!
Roblox Cop
Roblox Cop 6 timer siden
Is Turkey in europe? Yesn't
Jojie Kimara
Jojie Kimara 6 timer siden
5:30 am?! Dear honey
Chhorng Kemp Lim
Chhorng Kemp Lim 6 timer siden
*and at the age of 11 your parents give no more dino nuggies*
Eddie42023 6 timer siden
3:25 RETREAT!!!!!
Ricky Boii
Ricky Boii 6 timer siden
A hotdog for 1$? Damn where can I get those
Victor Castaneda
Victor Castaneda 6 timer siden
When this school lunch food looks appetizing compared to yours o_O
Jake From State Farm
Jake From State Farm 6 timer siden
“Have you killed someone?” Micheal: MMMMM, the floor here is made out of floor
Tîago M
Tîago M 6 timer siden
Mega elemental Ninja
Mega elemental Ninja 6 timer siden
I know how to play magic and I think with my deck I could beat them but not super good players
Jimena Perez
Jimena Perez 6 timer siden
21 1 1. Can someone explain to me please?
Kiro poop
Kiro poop 6 timer siden
Why are they using forks to eat rice
Tîago M
Tîago M 6 timer siden
Why tf are people taking pictures with coffee employees
violet 6 timer siden
gym class is just a big popularity contest and an opportunity for the weird kids to get bullied by the students AND teachers
rsvpvr 6 timer siden
Spend more time in showing food.
Lucas Playz
Lucas Playz 6 timer siden
0:54 Me Before: Wait Its fake Bruh lemme try Me After: YO WTH IT ACTUALLY WORKS
alex 6 timer siden
I prefer rich brain’s